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C A R O L Y N  M. G R E E N L E A F

Carolyn helps individuals realize their innate abundance within their personal and business life. She believes that everything begins and ends within the self. Therefore, personal responsibility towards everything one encounters is a prerequisite to achieving true Mastery.

She works with all levels of self (conscious mind, unconscious mind, and intuition, or Soul) to create the awareness needed to complete the cycle of healing and ultimate growth each situation represents.

Carolyn believes a synergistic relationship must be established between the mind, body, and spirit to experience the highest degrees of growth, and abundance at feeds the evolution of oneself, and their business or career.

She believes that we are living in a time of great opportunity to become more than we ever thought possible, thereby expanding ourselves to create new foundations for our budding future. These foundations are based on full responsibility, authenticity, and the diligence needed to create and lead those who chose to experience an abundant, fulfilling, and joyful life that is now at hand.  


She is an Ordained Minister and Doctor of Divinity.

In addition, Carolyn is a Certified Life, Transformational, NLP (Neuro linguistic Programing), and Somatic Coach. As well as a Time Line Therapy®, NLP, Somatic practitioner, and a Hypnotherapist. 

Carolyn is also an Energetic Healer. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, certified and attuned with Karuna Ki, Ra Sheeba, Kurama, Usui Shiki Ryoho, and Shamballa Multidimensional Healing.

Carolyn is a student of Hawaiian Huna, attuned to Huna I, II, III. She is also a student of many indigenous and ancient disciplines.

In addition, Carolyn uses Healing Touch and vibrational therapies including aroma, sound, light, and color therapy, essential oils, flower, and gem essences.

She is also a student of ancient Cabala, numerology, astrology, Human Design and Gene Codes.


Published books by Carolyn Greenleaf include Re-Entering Eden; Reclaiming our Wholeness & Divine Truth, Heart Wisdoms; Daily Inspirational Quotes, and a series of mini eBooks. Carolyn is currently writing “The Art of Transformation.”

Carolyn has created various programs through Greenleaf Healing. They consist of the “EDEN series, Transforming your Fears, Creating your Reality and Meditation Programs that include Connecting to your Intuition, and Basics that encompass methods to train the mind or induce a mode of consciousness that promotes a state of peace, calm, relaxation, or to develop compassion, patience, concentration, and insights. In addition, she also has various classes and workshops designed to heal & reunite individuals with all aspects of self through mind, body and spirit creating an opportunity for balance in every area of one’s life.

As an inspiring and motivational speaker, Carolyn speaks about the Soulful Mastery Blueprint – Secrets to Mastering your Purpose so you bring more Joy, Abundance and Meaning to your Life and Business.


At the Greenleaf Center for Healing, we help individuals, business owners, CEO’s and leaders rise into their authentic greatness, by reclaiming their true Soul-Centered purpose, so that they may transform their relationships with their families and communities. 

The wellbeing of our future is dependent on how we as leaders evolve into better versions of self; to guide and empower humanity toward a cooperative, healthy, wealthy, and joyful existence. Therefore, we strongly support healthy and unified relationships with self and others through heart, mind, body, soul, and vision.

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A Guide to the Lost Knowledge and Energy of our Youth. Empowering! Ms. Greenleaf has written a work of beauty, hope and joy that can provide inspiration at a time when many are seeking ways to move forward on a positive, spiritual path. Her direct but artistic style makes this a work which I recommend if you are looking for inspiration and a path by which you can change your life through turning within yourself for answers, which Carolyn convincingly declares are within the heart and allow us to regain a connection with our very soul and the internal source of energy and knowledge.


As a clinical psychologist, I have recommended this book to many clients, who have typically found hope and renewed determination to seek answers from within themselves and to resolve issues that have troubled them throughout their adult lives. Younger readers can also benefit from reading it, with the help of a trusted adult to focus on the less historical information and to receive assistance with the meditation skills which they develop and refine with the use of the available audio material. A guide to mindfulness and inner peace worth reading over and over, with new useful insights with each enjoyable read!

– Dr.  PSY


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