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Some foods have healing potential, but the Bio-Algae Concentrates (BAC) formulas are incomparable! With a wide-ranging array of nutrients and its extraordinary ability to feed the brain so efficiently, BAC is said to cause an awakening of the genius within due to its nutritional efficiency! The BAC formulas are the result of decades of clinical and field trial research, with the goal of developing the ideal blend of the most nutrient-dense algae on earth.

BAC contains two species of Spirulina, plus Dunaliella Salinas for its rich mixed carotenoids content, and proportioned astaxanthin from Haematoccocus Pluvialis. The algae in BAC are grown hydroponically in a controlled environment, using mineral-rich volcanic water, safe from radiation and pollutants. In this unique setting, the depth, temperature, turbulence and exposure to light are efficiently controlled to enhance the nutritional potency of the algae. The algae are then freeze-dried to preserve the integrity of their nutrients.

The BAC formulas contain high quality complete protein, all amino acids, all known vitamins - including B12 - minerals and trace elements, plus thousands of enzymes. Astaxanthin, alpha and beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, and dozens of other carotenoids give BAC antioxidant power that is hundreds of times more protective than vitamins E and C. BAC formulas also contain chlorophyll with extraordinary calcium spirulan, phycocyanin, essential fatty acids, and thousands of other nutrients/phytonutrients.

The BAC superfoods are ideal for vegetarians and vegans. Far better than any multivitamin or supplement, these little green capsules are the body's best ally for a healthy immune system, brain and heart health, weight management, cell regeneration (including stem cells) anti-stress and anti-aging. And athletes love these natural powerhouse capsules for fitness - energy, stamina, endurance, pain relief and more!

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Awaken The Genius Within

The Culmination in Cellular Nutrition

The Life and Research of Scientist Michael Kiriac who conducted the largest microalgae scientific research done to date.

By Roland Thomas, BSc, NMD

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Awaken the Genius Within

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