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Carolyn Greenleaf offers a variety of individual classes and course series to help you through your journey of self enlightenment.


Re-Entering Eden is a course training that has been a labor of  love, designed to help you come home, to the EDEN within you. Your EDEN is your alignment with your truest reality, that is filled with love, peace, joy and fulfilment. 

Each section within this course takes you step by step and we are here walking this courageous path with you. There are 7 sections in this course. Each one focuses on specific topics that build upon one another as you continue each section. 

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This Meditation Basics Course gives you the fundamentals for beginning or enhancing a heart based meditation practice, 

There are 16  segments that provide education, instruction, introductions and meditations that stand alone, so that you can review or practice them as often as you wish. Twelve of the segments are videos. 


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