E N E R G E T I C  H E A L I N G


Energetic healing is a gentle and restorative procedure that does not interfere with medical treatments. This form of healing assists your body’s natural homeostasis system as it helps in restoring and balancing the body’s biofield. 

Your biofield or energetic field consists of your physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual layers. Problems occur when negative energy formed by unresolved traumatic experiences becomes dense blockages that cause pain, suffering and illness from any level of the body’s biofield. Energetic healing affects all the levels of your biofield by clearing and transmuting the energetic blockages and issues, then restoring your true vibrational essence. This is achieved when the client is ready to give up the old issues and unhealthy beliefs that have become a habitual way of being.

This type of energy work assists and enhances your body’s ability to heal itself after an injury, speeding the regeneration process. Energetic assistance can also release or reduce the effects of illnesses and diseases such as cancer, circulatory issues, digestive disorders, arthritis, depression just to name a few. I believe that nothing is impossible, and yet all is possible.

Shamanism is a component Carolyn uses to gather information and the corrective energies that reside within the spiritual realms. This is where our guides and angelic beings exist to assist us. This is a helpful way to connect a client to their true essence or unique energetic vibration.

Carolyn uses the connection with her Souls knowledge and vibrational energies from various sources, including Hawaiian Huna and other indigenous disciplines which include uses of earth and universal energies.  She is a Reiki Master Teacher and attunded with Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, Karuna Ki, Ra Sheeba and Usui Shiki Ryoho. Carolyn has also received training in Healing Touch.  She includes vibrational therapies such as aroma, music and color therapy, essential oils, flower and gem essences to enhance and assist your healing experience.

The energies used are from the purest form and are complimentary to your vibration and being. These energies are brought through Carolyns heart chakra, which enhances them with unconditional love and purity. Then these energies come out through her hands and are directed to the client’s biofield. This is called hands on healing, but touching the body is rarely involved, and then, only with the clients permission.

Each energy session is between 30 minutes to 1 hour.  Sessions may also include Life Coaching (counseling) and teaching, which could extend the session into 1-1/2 hour.

The time in which it takes to heal or change ones circumstances depends upon each person, situation, illness or disease.

The frequency of sessions is scheduled according to the severity of the situation or the speed at which the client chooses.

Exercises will be given during and/or after each session to help you continue to enhance your process.

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Carolyn also assists in the healing of animal companions.  She has discovered that the animals in our lives try to make life a bit easier by absorbing some of the negative energetic vibrations emanating from their owners.  When working with an animal, the owners are also urged to partake in their own healing process so that they may alleviate the extra work their pets do for them.  Many animals serve as part of our support system in many ways for us.  For example, the happiness and release of stress you may experience when your pet greets you on your return home with excitement and love.  Or the way your pet so wisely diverts your attention with a silly antic when you’ve been feeling sad.

Animals respond very well to the energies that are offered to them.

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  • Person to person sessions are provided in Cary location in Illinois.
  • Zoom, or Phone Coaching sessions, and/or distance energy healing is also available.

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