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Take Carolyn Greenleaf's Re-Entering Eden interactive course and learn at your own pace how to reconnect to your authentic self and find peace and wholeness from within. 


The Time is NOW...

If you're worried about what the future holds, and ready to break the chains of fear, confusion, lack, and pain, it's time to make some important changes. 

The EDEN Course Series, will help you gain control over your life. This supportive course walks you step by step toward the abundance that is your birthright. 

Scared of the Dark? Let's turn the LIGHT On!

It's time to get on the other side of doom and gloom, and take control of your life and business. The EDEN Program will help you transform your frustrations, claim your real value, and the abundance that has always been yours, from the inside out.

You are standing on the precipice of change. It's time to chose - remained trapped in the past, or break free and reclaim the power, and abundance that is your birthright!

EDEN can help move you from pain to joy, empty to abundant, NOW.


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Soul Centered Purpose = Mastery = Freedom!

When you Re-Enter Eden, you are reclaiming the Paradise you have been looking for. What you haven't been told, is that this paradise is within you. The lasting and expanding love, peace, joy, fulfilment, and financial abundance begins inside...YOU!

This is where you will find and hone your MASTERY.


  • More financial abundance in your business or career!
  • More joy in your relationships!
  • Deeper connection with your loved ones!
  • Unlimited Ideas & Solutions!
  • Divine Support!
  • Control over your life!
  • Fulfillment, peace, happiness!


EDEN COURSE: Each section of this course takes you step by step along your adventure of healing, joy and abundance.

There are 7 sections in this course. Each one focuses on specific topics that build upon one another as you continue each section. These sections include: Understanding the dualistic reality we experience, the ego and Soul selves, healing the Inner Child thereby regaining your value that is reflected by how much financial abundance you experience. Understanding and healing the divisions of the masculine and feminine within that reflect your ability to give and receive abundance in all forms.  Uniting with your Divine Child, the God/Goddess within the Self, to fully open your connection to the Source within Creation - God. Understanding and experiencing your Soul's reality of Oneness, expansion and Unity. Healing your divisions and aligning with your Soul's True Purpose, which heals the divisions in your personal life and outer world.  This also aligns you to the a greater degree of knowledge, wisdom, ideas, expansion and abundance to create the life your heart has dreamed. 

Jerry M.

Denver, CO

This online course is amazing! I've grown so much through the information, plus the videos, and exercises that I can review or use over and over! Everything was easy to follow, and questions were answered quickly! This is an informative, supportive and inspiring course that I would recommend to everyone who wants to find real peace and happiness. I also recommend booking coaching sessions to help with the difficult parts of the inner work. This course has been a blessing for me! 

Kim G.

Normal, IL

Carolyn Greenleaf has really outdone herself here. This Eden class series was just what I needed to help me move through the difficult changes I was experiencing. This is a well though out course that really challenges you in a nurturing and supportive way. The video's are great, and Carolyn answered all my questions quickly. I actually got a session package that helped tremendously with the difficult parts of my process. Thank you Carolyn for creating this amazing self healing course! 

Class Series Package


Basic Package Includes:

  • 5+ Hours Class & Exercise Videos -  Valued at $800.00
  • Re-Entering Eden (Signed Soft Cover Book) - Valued at 13.99
  • Re-Entering Eden (Digital Book) - Valued at 3.99
  • Workbook - Valued at 19.99
  • 3 Mini E-Books Series (Oneness & Unity Consciousness, Divine Unions, Karmic Clearing & Family Healing) - Valued at $60.00 
  • Heart Wisdoms Daily Affirmations E-Book - Valued at $7.99
  • Email Support - Valued at $800
Valued at: $1,705.96

Jake B.

Lake Placid, New York

“I found the Eden course and supplements very helpful in my personal relationships, and my journey as an entrepreneur. The authenticity I found within myself deepened my connection with my wife and helped me to understand my employees’ issues. The work environment for everyone improved because of the positive changes I realized I had to make in my business. My customers even noticed and business grew!”

Alexis J.

Peoria, IL

“I really enjoyed this course! I found so much peace and let go a lot of limitations. I still have more work to do on my inner child, but I’ve noticed positive effects in my life. I was able to forgive and let go of so much, it was really freeing! My creativity has soared too! Carolyn’s teachings have made a big impact in my life, and I’m very grateful for it." 



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