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Take Carolyn Greenleaf's Re-Entering Eden interactive course and learn at your own pace how to reconnect to your authentic self and find peace and wholeness from within. 

Come Home . . .

Re-Entering Eden is a course training that has been a labor of  love, designed to help you come home, to the EDEN within you. Your EDEN is your alignment with your truest reality, that is filled with love, peace, joy and fulfilment. 

Each section within this course takes you step by step and we are here walking this courageous path with you.

There are 7 sections in this course. Each one focuses on specific topics that build upon one another as you continue each section. 

You will receive the book, a workbook, have access to videos and supplemental materials to help you on your journey. For more information, look at the package offers below. Thank you!


Class Series Package


  • Re-Entering Eden (Signed Soft Cover Book)
  • Re-Entering Eden (Digital Book)
  • Workbook
  • 3 Mini E-Books
  • Heart Wisdoms Daily Affirmations E-Book
  • 5+ Hours Class & Exercise Videos

Jerry M.

Denver, CO

This online course is amazing! I've grown so much through the information, plus the videos, and exercises that I can review or use over and over! Everything was easy to follow, and questions were answered quickly! This is an informative, supportive and inspiring course that I would recommend to everyone who wants to find real peace and happiness. I also recommend booking coaching sessions to help with the difficult parts of the inner work. This course has been a blessing for me! 

Kim G.

Normal, IL

Carolyn Greenleaf has really outdone herself here. This Eden class series was just what I needed to help me move through the difficult changes I was experiencing. This is a well though out course that really challenges you in a nurturing and supportive way. The video's are great, and Carolyn answered all my questions quickly. I actually got a session package that helped tremendously with the difficult parts of my process. Thank you Carolyn for creating this amazing self healing course! 


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