A reunion with ones true self requires the embodiment of the Soul where conscious wisdom empowers the self and influences choice once again. This book begins in the paradise where humanities roots formed to reveal unknown secrets that led to their fall from grace, and clues that guide them back to their original truths, opening the gate to reclaim their innocence and divine power.

  • This book helps you heal yourself from the inside out! 
  • Discover how to access your true power!
  • Heal your relationship with your inner child!
  • Embody deep peace and fulfillment!
  • Experience the God/Goddess within you!

This book accomplishes two things; it is a tool for self-discovery and healing, in addition to providing spiritual seekers with new information regarding Lilith’s relationship with Adam and humanity. Revealed knowledge is included which demonstrates how the separation of Lilith and Adam established the experience of duality, and the energetic pattern within the word Eden that foretells the path humanity would take to reclaim their truth and freedom.

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Take a journey with Carolyn Greenleaf as she helps you to rediscover and connect with your true self with her book Re-Entering Eden. A new light for your next steps. 


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Re-Entering Eden

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Each of us in our own way is seeking to re-enter Eden. Every time we look for love or fulfillment, we are seeking Eden, a slice of heaven. We have all reached out for it repeatedly, only to be disappointed or hurt by the outcome or lack of. The reason for this pain is that we have allowed ourselves to be misguided. The world has taught us to reach outside ourselves for love, abundance and success, but it was this world’s view that became confused, by forgetting its own truth. The older we grew, the more of our world’s distortions we accepted as we little by little abandoned our inner truths.

We have been seeking our answers for some time now, as we look for the open door that will lead us to them. We ask our friends, family and God for the answers that only we can find. We know the answers are there, somewhere waiting for our discovery. To find these answers we must look with open hearts and minds as we begin by taking a step outside of what we think we know, to see a new perspective with opened eyes and take in a different view of our world and ourselves. It is time to realize that what we left behind in Eden is our individual truths, wisdom and ultimately, ourselves.

While searching for these truths, Eden revealed itself as a safe haven with many of the answers we all seek. Eden shows us that the wholeness of self is where we unite with the Oneness of All that Is, which is our interconnectedness with everyone and all things. Through this reunion, we can begin to feel the flow of love and life all around us, as we open the door to it once again. When we reconnect to our own heart and Soul, we instantaneously unite with our total knowing, and the remembrance that through our connection with all things, we give, receive and attract everything we choose. We become One with the universal laws of Creation that each reality is built upon, because we are united and in balance with our Spiritual and physical selves. Through this union, we feel our rightful place within the universe and all of our connections beyond the containers of time and space.

If we venture within ourselves, we can discover an Eden that is a space of love, understanding and respect for everyone and all things. This is where all men and women are equal in value and importance. No one is better or above another in this most sacred place. This is where two can unite as a balanced whole through the reunion of their own split halves within. It is also where all colors, creeds and beliefs are respected and shared because they are united with the greater vision of self and the whole. Here, we move forward with the wealth of treasure that is within ourselves to be and to create an expanded expression of ourselves.

Within Eden is where we recognize our connection and importance of our Earth and all that She brings forth, as we understand the greater significance of the world we live in and how important it is to our own well-being. Our fears of each other vanish once we understand the inner workings of our world and the wholeness of ourselves. Eden is a place where fear of being hurt cannot exist because the pain of inequality does not exist as we see each other’s truth and respect it. In this place, we nourish each other and work together for the greater good of all. It is a space of wonder and joy we know and feel with every new discovery of each other, our world, and ourselves.

When we feel lost, helpless or confused we can go into this special place of Eden, the place of innocence and our purity of Spirit, where greater understanding is achieved through our love and joy within, as we see our creations unfolding before our eyes through the divine power within ourselves. This gift is our power actualized and the knowing of ourselves as beautiful expressions of God that grows our Light from within us, which in turn creates our heaven on earth through the awakening of our truth. It is also the realization that we never really left Eden. We begin to see the drama in our lives as a dream, an illusion that is not real, and it is only a thought within our mind that makes us believe we are outside of Eden, outside of what is real and less than our truth. This thought has become a belief so ingrained within the unconsciousness of humanity that we forgot why we began this journey in the first place, and how to re-enter the gates of Eden again.

Re-Entering Eden



  • Autographed
  • 168 pages


Re-Entering Eden



  • Autographed
  • 168 pages

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