Carolyn shows business owners, CEO's, and leaders a powerful pathway to increase abundance in their business and create more joy in their life and relationships. She helps entrepreneurs leave their frustration behind, so they can enjoy the reason they started their business and experience the success they dreamed of having. 

Carolyn went from the corporate world in the Chicago area, to find fulfillment and freedom to live the life she dreamed as she stepped into the entrepreneur world. After studying and working as a holistic health professional, for more than 7 years, she had a profound experience that helped her realize the importance of transformational coaching and mindset. Because of her dedication, she was given incredible amounts of information from Spirit, that she has written and taught for 16 years. Carolyn is the author of Re-Entering Eden; Reclaiming our Wholeness and Divine Truth.

Now, Carolyn serves business owners and entrepreneurs who lack in purpose. She shows them how to get out of that frustration, and create a life of soul entered purpose, so they can create the joy they want in their relationships, and more abundance in their business, and up-level their energy.


Soul mastery blueprint - 3 secrets to mastering your purpose so you bring more joy, abundance, and meaning to your life and business



This talk is for anyone who is frustrated with the direction of their life or business.

In this talk, Carolyn illustrates how you can start to experience more clarity, confidence, energy, and creativity to expand any area of life and business. You will learn that switching from your outer world to your inner self for connection, direction, and alignment, you can begin to experience the abundance and joy you desire for your personal and business life.

In this talk she reveals secrets about how you are operating in an upside-down reality and provides strategies she teaches her high-end clients so you can experience the joy and abundance you are destined for!

                           KEY TAKEAWAYS OF THE TALK

  • Strategies to experience greater clarity and disconnect negative energy and experiences in your life and business.
  • Keys to experience more purpose in your life and business. The importance of this is becoming obvious as clients and customers look for purpose driven businesses.
  • Tips to tune into your internal knowledge base, to make better choices that can save you money, stress, and time.
  • What mastering the self can open the doors to, and the freedom it creates.