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The goal of these private sessions is to help individuals, business owners, CEO's and leaders reconnect to their true Soul-Centered Purpose.  This leads clients to achieve fulfilling lives through gaining a deeper understanding and connection with their authentic selves. This helps utilize new insights, paths and better direction that will bring a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment, and joy to their relationships, as well as abundance in their business. Also addressed are ways to resolve negative issues that block desired outcomes and ways in which we can recreate our lives. Carolyn’s methods help you move forward in your daily life, discover your purpose, reach your goals, obtain your dreams, and reach a state of peace, joy and wholeness.

Sessions includes education, spiritual guidance, coaching to help you heal your relationship with self. Carolyn can assist your reconnection to your innermost truths and help you incorporate them into your life. Carolyn also include energetic healing, exercises, meditations and shamanic journeywork to induce deep healing and understanding.

Carolyn can help you move forward in your life by teaching and guiding you to:

  • Increase your awareness
  • Remove and overcome barriers between you and your goals
  • Heal your relationship with self
  • Reconnection with your Soul Self
  • Reignite your innermost truths
  • Receive Spiritual Guidance, knowledge & wisdom

Benefits Include:

  • Fulfillment and balance
  • Awareness and clarity
  • More passion and motivation
  • Achievement of goals
  • Transformed fears and barriers
  • Release resistance to change
  • Personal growth and Self discovery
  • Increased creativity and drive
  • Greater degree of joy and excitement
  • Enhanced capacity to love
  • Increased compassion, patience and understanding
  • Increased ability to expand financial abundance.

Also available:

  • Guidance through difficult situations; such as loss of loved ones, illness, fears, and anxiety.
  • Ascension guidance, assistance and support

Change is happening, whether we want it to or not. Creation is pushing all of us forward in the evolutionary process by reuniting our physical selves with our Soul’s wisdom and Spiritual Oneness. A perfect balance of all aspects of self is the goal, and everything preventing this fruition is surfacing for release or transformation. Understanding this process helps release the fear associated with these changes. Knowledge of the energetic process, or physics of creation and our reunion with our Soul brings the balance of power back to us, allowing conscious creation within our lives again.

  • Zoom, or Phone Coaching sessions, and/or distance energy healing is also available. 
  • For more information you can email us at [email protected] or  schedule a free consultation. See link below to schedule. 

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This consultation is for those who are thinking about beginning a coaching program. 

In this consultation, we will look at what it is that you really want, where you are, and what's getting in the way of accomplishing your goals.

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