T H E  H E A L I N G  S P A C E

Sooth your Soul and boost your immune system in a tranquil and safe healing environment.

Immerse yourself in negative ions, purified air, with aroma and crystal therapies, while being surrounded by Himalayan salt lamps, and breathing in the therapeutic properties of Romanian Slanic Prahova salt. 

Greenleaf Healing uses an UV air purifier throughout, in addition to:

* HEPA air purifier with negative ions within the Healing Space (room).

* Therapeutic salt therapy device that also purifies the air and produces additional negative ions.

* Himalayan Salt Lamps line the room, plus aroma therapy and crystals throughout.

Within this Healing Space, we provide your choice of the following holistic therapies:


Light, Sound and Thermo Therapies:

Light & Sound therapy by Auragen. Thermo therapy by BioMat. Click the links for more information. Both devices are also available for purchase.

30-minute Sessions are $40, or chose a Package:

  • Package A: $110 for three 30-minute sessions ($10 savings)
  • Package B: $215 for six 30-minute Sessions ($27 savings))
  • Package C: $410 for twelve 30-minute Sessions ($75 savings)

60-minute Sessions are $60, or chose a Package:

  • Package A: $165 for three 60-minute sessions ($15 savings)
  • Package B: $320 for six 60-minute Sessions ($40 savings)
  • Package C: $615 for twelve 60-minute Sessions ($105 savings) 

Energetic Healing - click the link for more information and purchase.

**These sessions are for clients who visit Greenleaf Healing's location in Cary IL. Payment is due at the time of session. Schedule your session at: [email protected]

Additional Benefits 

Negative Ions help regulate sleep patterns and mood, reduce stress, boost immune system function, increase metabolism of carbs and fats, kill or inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, viruses, and mold species, such as E. coliStaphylococcus aureus, and the bacterium that causes tuberculosis, reducing symptoms of depression for some people, an activating influence on some body systems and cognitive performance, promoting antimicrobial activity.

How negative ions form: The atoms that make up molecules have a certain number of electrons floating around a central core, the nucleus. Some electrons are positively charged. Others are negatively charged. This electron balance can be disturbed when enough energy is applied to the atom. The atom then becomes an air ion. The atom becomes a positive ion if electrons are displaced from the atom. But it becomes a negative ion if an extra electron is pushed into the atom so that it has an excessive number of electrons.

Salt Therapy: The antibacterial properties of salt help to cleanse the airways, while the salt acts as a decongestant by thinning the mucus and helping to expel it. The inhaled salt also acts as an antihistamine, reducing the body’s response to irritants such as dust and pollen.

From sleep deprivation due to snoring and blocked sinuses, constant coughs, congestion, plus hay fever and headaches, salt therapy is the non-invasive and natural way to gain relief from a wide range of respiratory health issues all year round.  While salt therapy does not provide a cure for any respiratory condition, people may notice an improvement in their quality of life as a result of combining salt therapy with their medication.

Aroma Therapy: Breathing in the scent of essential oils activates the brain’s limbic system, which, among other functions, controls your emotions. The properties of these oils also stimulate your central nervous system, which monitors your internal organs and transmits signals to your glands and muscles. Different oils deliver different benefits, and they are carefully chosen depending on the concerns you have. Some can help lift your mood, reduce anxiety, relax or energize you. Others can improve concentration, relieve pain, boost your sex drive and more.

Crystal therapy: Increases feeling of well-being, emotional release, reduced mental stress, relaxation, neutralizes negativity, lifts depression, calms the nervous system, harmonizes the body, mind. emotions and spirit, clears and balances the chakra system, promotes peace and tranquility.


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