W A K I N G  U P ! 

Join Carolyn Greenleaf as she discusses our changing reality. We are moving into new territory, with exciting possibilities and amazing technologies that will support our growth and wellbeing.

Carolyn will also invite guests to share valuable information about our changing reality and how we can build on what is occurring. This show will also address the problems that exist while discussing solutions, how we can help others, reform our communities, and building a better future for all.

There is a Spiritual bases or foundation that I work with, so we can address situations from a Higher Perspective.

Some of the subjects I’ll discuss with guests are:

  • Holistic Medicine, therapies, solutions, and knowledge
  • New Technologies that we will see soon
  • Spiritual Guidance and Knowledge
  • Forming better functioning communities, which includes Getting involved and supporting our city, and state councils, schools, how we law enforcement, and environment.
  • Understanding the roll your local Marshalls have at protecting your rights
  • Know your Rights! Common Law, Constitutional Law, Bill of Rights
  • Financial Changes, Quantum Financial System, NESARA
  • And whatever else comes up!

I hope you join me! We’re also taking requests for more topics, just send us an email at [email protected]

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Healing & Wellbeing Through Music With Musical Jennifer


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Join me as I interview Musical Jennifer. Learn about her amazing story of being just a girl in a musical family. Jennifer’s passion for music and her desire to teach others drew me to her, because my own Spiritual Guides and Angels have described humanity and Creation as a beautiful song, a symphony that can heal our divisions, our health, and so much more.

Jennifer like so many does not have esteemed degrees and was surprised when I asked her to be a guest on this podcast. I told her that her authenticity and natural passion, joy, and alignment with the music of her Soul makes her more qualified than someone with the highest “pedigrees.”

Real talent comes through the Soul as you wholly embrace the knowledge of the spheres, while receiving it through the resonance, reverence, and alignment you hold.



Moving From Toxins into Freedom & Wellbeing With David G. Feerick

August 3, 2021

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Join Carolyn as she discusses toxins and more with David G. Feerick. David is a TCD Practitioner (True Cellular Detox) and Certified Health Coach. David explains how toxins are everywhere, including in our negative thoughts and emotions which can build an unhealthy environment within the cells of the body and can dictate the condition of our health. David also explains that there is a direct consequence of an unhealthy gut that effects our mental conditions. The relationship also goes the other way as we experience stressful situations in our lives. David explains how assessing the root cause of toxicity is vital in reversing the conditions we find ourselves in. David also gives valuable tips to help you move toward better health and freedom from the negative effects within EMF’s, chemicals in our food and much more!

For more information about David’s services and to get a free consultation, you can contact David at: [email protected] or call him at 414.324.0808



Courage Under Fire! With Tom Jikomes

July 27, 2021

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Meet Tom Jikomes, a proud warrior in business, in life and helping others succeed. Tom shares his painful story that propelled him to help others find solutions towards health and wealth.  Tom also shares valuable insights about the importance and value of networking and never giving up.


https://www.powernetworkingclub.com, [email protected]


August 18, 2021 Begins 11 am, open to the public 4-8 pm.

OAKBROOK DOUBLETREE by Hilton, 1909 Spring Rd. Oakbrook, IL 60523

For more information, contact Tom Jikomes


Resolving 3D's Divisive Nature by Evolving the Self


July 20, 2021

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This is a discussion about the rising divisiveness occurring. No matter which side of an issue or agenda we are on, we must come together and take personal responsibility for the internal divisions we have within ourselves that is being reflected in our outer world.



Birthing Your Dreams into Reality

with Brian Rassi


July 6, 2021

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Join me as I discuss a special topic with CEO of Enstigate, Brian Rassi.

As we move closer to our new reality, the dreams within our hearts will being to awaken and ask us to make some important decisions.

As abundance and freedom become our new norm, I have asked Brian to share some practical first steps towards making your dreams a reality.

Brian Rassi, CEO and Co-Founder of Enstigate, www.enstigate.com

Ph: 833-249-6368 [email protected]

Text: Possible to 411321



Traditional to Holistic

with Dr. Amanda Thiry


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This is a great show with a guest who experienced a common trend. Like many in the holistic field, Dr. Amanda Thiry’s journey began in traditional medicine. Then, constant frustration toward the lack of real results, Amanda switch to the holistic field. Now, solutions are common, and her practice continues to evolve with new discoveries.

We discuss Amanda’s journey, the basis of holistic healing, including the body, mind connection.

Dr. Amanda Thiry, DC, BSN, BS,

CEO of Midwest Allery Relief


[email protected]



Dimensional Shifting from 3rd to 4th and 5th Realities!


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This is such an exciting time right now! So many changes are taking place that are absolutely amazing, if you are seeing them through a fifth dimensional perspective!

For a very long time, many have spoken about the Ascension that is to take place. This Ascension creates a complete shift or change in our manifested reality.

This is why we are experiencing so much turmoil! Very similar to moving into a new house. we are cleaning out everything that no longer fits our new location.

The reason I wanted to begin this podcast with a talk about the different Dimensional realities, is because we are all experiencing them, along with this Ascension, which is the process of “shifting” from 3rd to 4th and 5th dimensional understandings and experiences.

In order to better understand how dimensions work and what it means to be living in the third, fourth or fifth dimension, we must think of a dimension as a point of perception rather than physical locality.

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