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The Greatest Leader is a Vulnerable Warrior

Nov 05, 2022

Great leadership requires vulnerability – the willingness to break through the status quo and expectations to move boldly into new territory. This new territory is our future, and it must be taken through an authentic, soul-centered position to help our communities, clients, students, and families rise into their greatest potential. The way of our future is together, valued, and united.

The topic of vulnerability came to the forefront of my mind today because a shaman who has invited me to a personal sweat lodge ceremony next week asked what my thoughts or feelings were about this sacred rite. I told him, vulnerability. At first, he assumed I was fearful of the state of vulnerability, because most people are afraid. But I corrected him, by explaining my belief from my own experience.

I told him that to be vulnerable is to be in a position of strength, not weakness, when we are aligned with our Soul. When we are in alignment with our Soul, or our Soul-Centered Purpose, we are...

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What mask are you wearing in your life?

Oct 31, 2022

In commemoration of Halloween, it’s a good time to reflect on or ask yourself, “Am I pretending to be someone I’m not?” If you have a mask for your employee’s, clients, suppliers, community, loved ones, even yourself, become aware of it.

Authenticity is pushing everyone towards asking these questions. According to Forbes, between 66 - 91% of customers would change products to a purpose driven company offering a similar product. This is huge! Your clients and customers are looking for assistance from companies who are REAL and truly care. Keep in mind, the heart of any business lies within its owner, and leadership.

Awareness is the first step in taking responsibility for your outcomes, by admitting your involvement. This first step opens the door for positive change, within yourself, your family, and your business.

I’ve got a secret for you….. beneath your mask is an amazing individual with a great deal to share with the world. When you step...

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Live Life Fulfilled

Oct 29, 2022

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Live life fulfilled. The sad thing is most people don’t.

I have seen countless individuals who have tremendous financial wealth, a thriving business, beautiful homes, boats, cars, everything that they believed would bring them happiness, yet deep connection with loved ones, fulfillment and joy is still elusive for them. If anything, they feel frustrated, lonely, misunderstood, and have strained relationships with those they love.

Don’t get me wrong, many who have risen to the top of their industry have figured it out, but not as many as you might think.

Money is a wonderful tool to help you achieve and receive many things, but it does not provide real happiness or fulfillment – you do.

Quite often, business owners and executives sacrifice their wellbeing, and relationships believing that they are doing it for their loved ones, to leave a legacy behind or whatever justification they are using. This is when they build their own trap...

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Thoughts to Ponder

Oct 16, 2022

One of the most important things I teach my clients is to differentiate between whether their thoughts and beliefs are truly their own or not.

This is key when we consider whether we are aligned with our true Soul-Centered Purpose.

We have been inundated with others’ beliefs, opinions, and thoughts from the moment we were born. Actually, it begins prior to our birth. Our ancestors’ beliefs are hardwired into our DNA. Beliefs and the behaviors they initiate, no matter their origin remain until they are changed.

How do we know whether our thoughts and beliefs are truly from our authentic self or not? We must change a fundamental behavior and bring our energy, focus and attention within the self.

Let me explain.

The thoughts and beliefs that are from an external source, such as society, family, friends, etc. may not be what your heart knows as your authentic truth. Often there is an internal discomfort or conflict around a thought or belief that you may have desensitized...

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Solstice Brings Opportunities for Growth!

Jun 21, 2022

Happy solstice! This is an amazing time to model our creative capacity that we find in nature.

We were created to grow, nurture, and expand who we are! We are here to create amazing things and experiences!!!!

This means we really can have it all! But we need to allow ourselves to expand our thinking and the way we live our lives.

I see so many business owners who follow “the rules” but still feel frustrated. Even though they experience success in business, their relationships suffer, and their purpose is in question.

It doesn’t have to be that way. I teach my clients how to claim their Soul-Centered purpose! It means enjoying what you do again, plus real connection and joyful relationships with your loved ones.

You begin to experience abundance in all areas of your life! Your business flourishes to new levels, as you feel and experience life fully!

During this powerful time of solstice, make a commitment to yourself to live your best life. Do it now.


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Name Readings – Why Are They Helpful?

Feb 23, 2022

We have been living within a world of opposites for a very long time. Society has been taught to look for the answers and direction outside of themselves. This causes confusion and undesirable outcomes. Instead, we need to get the true information and guidance that is perfect for us, from within. Our instincts, intuition and connection to God, our Soul, and the Universe has always been from within.

When you do not connect to your Soul for the answers you seek, you are disconnected from the divine wealth of knowledge and wisdom that is yours. To find true fulfillment and direction, you must reconnect to who you are.

Name Readings are a tool to help you tap into your Soul memory by triggering profound truths about who you are, and who you have the capacity to be. Also, the reasons for your journey may also be revealed, and much more. I provide these readings in a way that helps you continue this reconnection and expand on it yourself.

Once you do reconnect, there is no going back! You...

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Brain Inflammation Linked to Depression & Fatigue

Feb 10, 2022

Reversal Solutions is Committed to Providing Leading Science Based Light Therapy Technologies to Safely Improve Health and Well Being

By Peter Newsom, MD, Neuropsychiatrist
In recent years there has been increased interest in the relationship between inflammation and depression, as evidenced by the recent book “The Inflamed Mind: A Radical New Approach to Depression” by British psychiatrist Edward Bullmore. This is a particularly important area for those of us in the field of photobiomodulation (PBM), in view of the well-accepted fact that PBM decreases inflammation and especially neuroinflammation. Therefore, it is vital to have some understanding of how inflammation can translate into increased susceptibility to depression and fatigue. Here, fatigue is defined as “a subjective or objective lack of physical or mental energy that interferes with the usual and desired activities.”  

In the above noted article, Lee and...

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Rebirth - Greenleaf Happenings – February 2022

Feb 02, 2022

What can I say? OMG!!!! The energies of this month are going to gift us in a multitude of ways that will really open our hearts and the brilliant ideas that have been hiding for so long! After the last several months of deep and often difficult transformation, we will feel reborn and ready to run forward!

Oh, The Two’s

Why is 2 significant? Well, firstly, we have an abundance of them this month, as they are doubled, tripled, quadruple, quintuple, etc. When a number is multiplied, its energies are too. This month, we have the energy of 2 in many multiples that will elevate this entire month and carry us throughout the year, and beyond.

Two is about relationships. This includes our relationship with everything in our inner and outer worlds. The multiples make this a really big deal when you consider what has been happening for the last two years. Our relationships have been strained or broken with our loved ones, friends, co-workers, our careers. We’ve lost faith in our...

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There are No Victims Here

Jan 18, 2022

Things don’t happen to you, they happen for you. This means that everything in your world is helping you realize something about yourself. Your world reflects what is beautiful and special about you, but it also mirrors what is keeping you from realizing how amazing you really are. 

Think about it - what do most people focus on? Problems. People have become so attached to what is wrong; they can’t see the amazing possibilities that surround them. This keeps many individuals stuck, asking “why can’t I move forward, why does this keep happening, why, why, why? They fail to realize that what’s wrong can actually help them understand how to make things right.

To come into a state of resolution, the first thing that must change is where one’s focus is being drawn. By acknowledging there is a problem, then taking responsibility by focusing on an inward resolution, the door to possibilities opens. It is through an internal shift in perception that...

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January 2022 - Building a Balanced World

Jan 09, 2022

Hello 2022! We made it! It’s been rough, especially these past couple years. The Ascension waits for no one. All that is not in alignment with Divine Truth must surface to be seen and dealt with, both within ourselves and our outer world. This paves a new path where beautiful creations form a new world, in all ways. This requires a new balance between our heart and mind – this is where the vibration of this year, 2022 is assisting. The Song of Earth is also Singing as Gaia lifts Herself and all who live upon Her to rejoin Creations Divine Orchestra. But first, we begin this year by going within, as January holds us in the spiritual frequency of 7.

January Hibernation

January is assisting us with going inward, into our spiritual temple, cave, or whatever you envision your internal sanctuary to be. January (1) + this year (2+0+2+2) = 7. We are being asked to unplug from the outer world, slow down and go deep within to reconnect with what we really want and let go of the...

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