COVID-19 Spiritual Perspective

covid-19 Apr 29, 2020

Hello Everyone,

I hope you and your families are well! I wanted to give you some information regarding the corona virus we are currently dealing with. Understandably, there is a great deal of fear experienced personally and collectively. Therefore, I would like to address a Spiritual perspective of what is happening and give you a special exercise to help you move through this.

First of all, we cannot look at this situation as if it is our enemy. When we wage war on anything or anyone, we only manifest more of what we are fighting against. Spirit says, we have no enemies, only teachers and situations that permit us to understand or heal something our Soul choose; to gain wisdom, heal or transform.

There are many opportunities the COVID-19 situation is providing us, which I will begin to open the door to with this post. I’ll continue expanding on these opportunities with future posts and videos. However, these opportunities can be thwarted when you focus on blame and anger – they are not constructive at this point and will only serve to keep you from experiencing your own expansion. After we are through this, you may want to revisit the handling of COVID, and decide what changes need to be made. But right now, we must pull together in support of all.

Energetic Makeup

As many of you know, everything is energy. Everything we see, feel, hear touch, sense in any way was created by all who were in agreement (consciously or unconsciously) with its formation. These formations of thought, belief and emotion became the manifestations we experience today.  Now here’s the great part……all manifestations also have a Light of Divine Truth, or Seed of Light within them, because they were created by us.

In this reality we are not only our ego selves, but also our Soul, because we are always connected to this deeper and Divine Truth of which we are. All are born from the Love and Light (Intelligence) of this Divine Truth, and forever connected. Since this Divine Truth is Creation Itself, everyone and everything is in a constant state of expansion. This means there is a growing Intelligence (Light) within all that has ever been created; be it a Soul or ego based creation. No matter how dark or negative the ego creations appear, they ultimately seek to return to us to our Souls Truth. This is why low vibrating, negative ego experiences continually surface; they are trying to get us to come full circle with the lesson, or karmic healing we chose. In addition, these lower vibrating energies and experiences have a great deal of information that help us finish, resolve, forgive, heal and grow.

As many of you know, we have been ascending into a higher vibration; being drawn back into our Spiritual Truths. We are meant to reclaim our Soul’s Divine Truth and Power, by which we can consciously change or transform the lower vibrating ego based energies we encounter. We are also meant to realize that we have the power to create a new reality.

This corona virus is pushing us into the depths of our fear and despair (ego formations). If we see this as an opportunity to finally step into our inherent power, transform the ego energies of the past and create a better path forward, our sacrifices will not have been in vain. For those who have resisted the internal calls for forward movement, in many ways, this is the end of the line. It is time to become empowered! We can heal our past and shift our course, now.

Symbolic Clues

First of all, you must move out of the emotion of fear long enough to understand your Souls perspective. Here is some information that can begin to trigger your Soul’s Knowing of the situation.  

Let’s begin by looking at some of the symbolic messages we are receiving.

  • This is a pandemic, which means it is affecting all of humanity. That tells us that the energy this virus is working through is about our connection to all of humanity = mass human consciousness.
  • Fear and Hording. Humanities greatest fears are surfacing. Generational, personal and collective fears are front and center. This energy is triggering fear that is buried within humanities ego based survival reactivity. This type of energy is unearthing the early survival beliefs that launched desperate actions we witnessed through thousands of years of warring, greed, and victim, villain scenarios that have been recycling generation after generation.
  • Self Isolation. This is forcing humanity to stop their outward actions and relearn how to survive…. Alone. This is called going within.
  • Reconnection. While many are not working, there is time to reach out to friends and family. Those who are self isolated with their families have the opportunity to connect with one another. There is also an opportunity to reconnect to what our hearts have been trying to tell us.
  • Responsibility. Everyone has been forced to be vigilant and Conscious of their actions and how they can affect others.


For many years spiritual guides and teachers have spoken about a new reality that humanity is evolving into.  This new reality is based upon Oneness/connection, and aligned with our authentic truth, or Soul Self.

The year 2020 opened the door wide for humanity to enter this new Oneness or Soul based reality. However, the lower vibrating ego based energies cannot move into the type of frequency 2020 is presenting. Humanity is being forced to resolve, transform and let go of their fear/ego based energies at the threshold of the 2020 Doorway.

The basics of energy would tell you that some elements or frequencies do not harmonize together and repel one another. In other words, low vibrating (ego/fear based) energies/creations cannot exist in the same reality as high vibrating (Soul based) energies/creations for very long. This creates calamities that shake us to the core and forces us to let go of our tenacious hold on what we thought was true.

Here’s another symbolic clue…

COVID-19 numeric’s: 3+6+9+4+1+9 = 32/5 = CHANGE. This is also the ancient Cabala’s number for Gevurah, which is the Divine Feminine aspect of Creation, or the Goddess. In this case, I would say Earth or Gaia.  The Feminine energy centers on birth, life, death and regeneration. This is the Vessel of Transformation. The 3 is Binah, our Spiritual Trinity, and 2 is Chockma, the unveiling, so we may see with the clarity of our Spirit.  Interestingly, 19 is a karmic number that indicates reworking abuse of power, through harnessing self empowerment and interdependence. When this is accomplished, the 19 becomes a 10 (1+9), which means completion and the beginning of a new and evolved cycle.

Mother and Her Children

Humanity and Earth are interconnected. All life on Earth have the same elements within their DNA as Earth. When Earth is changing or moving into metamorphose, Earth transmutes the past low vibrating energies. The Goddess is releasing (death) what no longer aligns with Her/Earths evolution, to birth a new cycle, or new life.

For Humanity, it means releasing the toxic ego trauma’s and recycling low vibrating realities that keep them stuck in the past. At this time, we are talking about the entire history of humanities ego based reality. This time is over. As we cross the threshold into our New Soul based reality, we move through a rebirth of self on every level of our being. In addition, due to our connected reality, we feel segments of mass consciousnesses past move through us. Those who are sensitive will feel eons of sorrow, pain and suffering as these old energies release from……. all.   


How do we change and release these unhealthy formations the COVID-19 is forcing us to address? We begin by taking full responsibility. We let go of what was and resolve what was left undone.

Since COVID-19 is affecting us on the physical (body) level, we see another clue . When we experience trauma, no matter how big or small, it becomes embedded within the cells of our physical body, as well as in our mental and emotional aspects. Typically, we think that resolving and coming into a state of forgiveness heals these traumas, and they do, but there is still a forgotten piece. We were never taught how to release the traumatic energies that were embedded within our body. This is the last stage for complete transformation of a traumatic experience. Below is an exercise to help you with this physical release.

Surrender Exercise

I would like to offer a special exercise which is in my book Re-Entering Eden; Reclaiming our Wholeness and Divine Truth, called Surrender.

This meditation is designed to help you release negative issues, and tenacious hold you have on the past, so you may move forward and open to receive the wonderful new reality that is waiting for you.

*Make the intention to release what is no longer in alignment with your Soul’s path, and in accordance with your highest good. The release involves energies from all aspects of self, which include; emotional, mental, etheric and physical. They are all connected, and a release must be made from all.

You do not have to know what these negative things are, all you have to do is be willing to release them and let them go.

You may call upon your Higher Self (Soul/Spirit), Guides and Angels to assist you.

Begin by:

  • Sitting or lying in a comfortable position
  • Close your eyes,
  • Take 3 deep breaths – in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Breath normally…
  • Begin to allow your head and your mind to calm and go limp,
  • Proceed down your neck, shoulders, and then your arms.
  • Feel your chest open, just as a flower opens to reveals its beautiful pedals.
  • Relax your chest as you bring this sensation down through the rest of your torso, then your legs and feet.
  •  Relax deeper and deeper, opening wider and wider, releasing more and more.
  • You many feel sensations or emotions surfacing and leaving your body and mind; let them go without trying to figure them out, or you will thwart this process. Just continue relaxing, opening and letting go.
  • Notice yourself becoming lighter as you do this exercise.

When you feel you have released as much as possible, begin to feel yourself surrender. When you surrender, you are going with the flow of the Universe, not against it as you enter the realm of the Soul.

  • Now, begin to visualize yourself floating on water. Water is symbolic of Spirit. When you allow yourself to let the water cradle you on its surface, you are saying that you trust the Universe as you relax and flow with it. Water is supportive when you are not panicking and thrashing around.
  • When you let go and allow the water to support you and keep you afloat, it will, just as Spirit does.
  • Continue surrendering and allowing the Universe to bring you back into alignment with the path you have chosen.

Do this exercise for as long as you wish. This is wonderful for bedtime, as it helps you drift off to sleep, extending this experience throughout the night, so you can awaken renewed.


Healing the past requires patience, as you move through many layers of repressed energies. Your Soul will only allow what you are able to handle at any given time. Self care is very important during this time. Embracing your Soul’s path means embracing all of who you are, and what you have experienced. Your continued diligence will give you rewards beyond your imagining!