Begin with BEING Before Doing...What?!?

For real and expansive change to happen in your life, you need to put “doing” in second place.  I know, it’s hard to grasp, because you’ve been conditioned to go, go, go, and do, do, do, and not question some of your ingrained actions.

Don’t get me wrong, you have to “do,” but most of you are taking action from an unconscious position that may not give you the results you truly desire.  

The problem with just “doing,” something out of pure habit is that it keeps you circling within an old limiting set of beliefs that are ego based and accepted by the mind. As many of you who have followed me know, the ego self only operates from what it’s learned – through the experiences of your past. This applies to both business and personal situations.

You end up with the same results. So, in business you work harder, but again you get the same results. It’s the repeating ego cycle that severely limits your growth. This goes on for years, even a lifetime if you don’t change it. This actually goes against your true nature, or Soul and purpose, because you are innately expansive.

You may have heard this saying “If nothing changes, nothing changes.” It’s a painful truth that results in a life of missed opportunities that could have led you toward great success and joy.

Instead, when you put your state of BEING first – you change the game.

This is because your state of BEING aligns you with better solutions, ideas and paths that can open bigger doors for you. This is because when you are BEING, you are aligned with your real and powerful truth. Your Soul creates and transforms anything you choose. Your Soul sees and knows the whole of what is possible for you and is not limited in any way. This means you can move towards your goals much faster!

From this state of BEING, you then do…

The right people and possibilities that will help you achieve what you choose, show up. That is when you take your external action or move into “doing.”

From BEING, your doing is then productive, and naturally brings you to your goals faster.

This process also opens doors that you couldn’t imagine. In your state of BEING, you are getting out of the way (ego limitations and resistance) and allowing the power within you to reform your reality and reflect your authentic power and capabilities that you’ve long forgotten.

Reclaiming your Soul alignment, or your Soul centered purpose means you continually increase your awareness and change how you manage your responsibilities. This begins to eliminate many frustrations. This puts you in the position of making constructive and amazing changes because you always start from your position of BEING. From your state of BEING you are allowing your Soul to position you towards the best and fastest way to achieve your goals. You will attract the right people and situations where you “do,” or take right action that benefits everyone with the quantum leaps you make!

 If you’re ready to say yes to moving forward in a state of BEING, schedule a complimentary consultation …Now!

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf