The Ego’s Division Game

With everything happening on the world stage, I feel the need to write about how the hot topics are connected with the dualistic ego’s 3D reality. The reason many teachers can reveal more, is because the time of third dimensional learning is over. It is time to share more of the structure that was put in place by various actors.


Let’s begin with a signature 3D topic calling itself critical race theory. I feel we need to understand the real reason this is front and center, by looking at the Bigger picture.

When watching something playing out in the world, it’s helpful to view it from the Soul’s perspective. So, first thing I would suggest is to bring it to its simplest form, is it ego or Soul based?  

*This also applies to all the “ism” beliefs and anything else that positions humanity against one another.

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Sweetheart!

Long, long ago, Divine Beings instructed Master Teachers to impart the simple seed forms of humanity’s Divine Truth on earth to assist humanity when they began to seek for their Truth. Much information was in the original teachings that was simple and available to all.

At about the same time, those who volunteered to become the negative actors that would promote the third dimensional ego-based reality came to earth as well. These negative actors used trickery and deception in their plans to confuse humanity as a way to make them question themselves, moving their thoughts and direction outside of themselves for answers. This directive was intended so ego driven individuals could begin to fool humanity in various ways.

One of the things the ego world did was take the simple seed forms within the teachings of Divine Truth and complicated them. The ego characters wanted human initiates to get lost in the complicated maze that was rife with deceivers, to further confuse and disconnect humanity from their Divine Truth.  However, the solution was always WITHIN the initiate! In addition, during the confusion, ego actors could begin to hijack and distort the initiates thoughts and beliefs.


My Spiritual Guides and Angels (not on this physical world) always instructed me to strip problems down until I found their basic “seed form.” I was also taught the simple truths about the ego and soul selves. Now, I simply look at a situation and ask, is this from ego or soul?

Ego self is…. Fear based. This fear-based vehicle we use is not connected, nor divinely directed. This means anything that utilizes any form of separation is ego based. Any agenda that dissects or pulls our identity apart to compare who we are as individuals with others, is part of the duality game. Those who are here pushing the ego reality’s agendas will slowly pull you into these thoughts and beliefs that different races have been victimized, or are superior, etc. This is all created to pull you into judging and distrusting one another. This form of separatism, is the opposite of unifying.

Also, since much of our history has been directed by ego actors, we must also question if what we were told is completely true. Much information has now surfaced that contradicts our true history in every way. More about this will be reveal at the appropriate time.

We are here as humans to choose between what others tell us is true, or to instinctively connect to our Souls wisdom, that is within the self to Know what is true.

Soul Self is…. Love based. This love-based reality is our Divine Truth. The Soul self is always connected to God, and the Body of Creation, which is…. United! We could be likened to a flower in a garden. A garden generally has many different types of flowers with varying colors. As flowers in this garden, we would not say to another flower that is different, “hey, my color is better than yours, or I think the rain and sun is discriminating against me.” As flowers in the garden, we would just share our beauty with the world, by being a cooperative whole. Everyone is born connected to this truth, although not completely conscious of it.

You Choose

In this Dualistic game of 3D, when people begin telling you what they believe is true, and you believe it, without discerning, or connecting within yourself to decide if it is your truth, disconnection sets in.

So, which reality do you choose? Will you choose to believe these confusing concepts that are vehemently presented by actors, politicians, etc. that you’ve “trusted,” or will you go within yourself, to your heart and Soul and ask God for guidance about the issue of critical race theory or the like? Will you choose division or unity? Will you choose to see all of humanity as the beautiful flowers on the garden of earth, where we can learn from one another, or do you choose to see your neighbors as villains and separate yourself from them?

The choice has ALWAYS been yours. Creation wishes for you to chose what would best serve your Souls path. The path of Ascension reflects your Divine Truth and will rise you into the fifth dimensional reality. The path of your ego will keep you cycling through the lesson’s separation teaches as you remain in the third dimensional reality.

FYI, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensional perceptions will co-exist on earth. This may change as we move further into the ascension. However, my Guides tell me that those in 5D and higher will assist those in 3-4D for at least a couple years. Keep in mind that time is difficult to predict.

In Closing…

All is in divine right order! Nothing can stop the ascension from happening. However, each one of us must decide whether or not we chose to move forward into our new reality and how we chose to get there. Creation or God does not judge you, that idea comes from the ego world. We were created by choice, and how we chose to grow and evolve is also, by choice. The only difference is whether your choice is conscious or not.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

For more information about the Soul and Ego selves, please refer to my book Re-Entering Eden; Reclaiming our Wholeness and Divine Truth, or purchase the Re-Entering Eden Course, which includes the book.