January 2022 - Building a Balanced World

Hello 2022! We made it! It’s been rough, especially these past couple years. The Ascension waits for no one. All that is not in alignment with Divine Truth must surface to be seen and dealt with, both within ourselves and our outer world. This paves a new path where beautiful creations form a new world, in all ways. This requires a new balance between our heart and mind – this is where the vibration of this year, 2022 is assisting. The Song of Earth is also Singing as Gaia lifts Herself and all who live upon Her to rejoin Creations Divine Orchestra. But first, we begin this year by going within, as January holds us in the spiritual frequency of 7.

January Hibernation

January is assisting us with going inward, into our spiritual temple, cave, or whatever you envision your internal sanctuary to be. January (1) + this year (2+0+2+2) = 7. We are being asked to unplug from the outer world, slow down and go deep within to reconnect with what we really want and let go of the rest. This is a time of seeking a higher and deeper truth to make wise choices that will culminate throughout the year.

As luck would have it, Mercury will begin its first retrograde period January 14th.  Mercury begins this period in Aquarius, then into Capricorn. So, we will be asked to review our thoughts, beliefs, strategies, ideas, priorities, and our foundations.  Venus has also been in retrograde motion, asking us to reevaluate how we view our relations, money and what it is we love.

So, as much as we may want to run forward in this new year, we are being guided to do so by slowing down and making wiser choices. There will still be many changes and upheavals to come this year as the Ascension process leaves no corrupt stone unturned.

What is Love, Peace & Prosperity?

The year 2022 is bringing in a beautiful energy that will continue to unfold throughout the year. So, as the veil is continued to be lifted and the unseen seen, you will be asked to root yourself in what is True.

2+0+2+2 = 222/6. Let’s begin with 6. Six is the energy of love, family, kindness, community, unity, and balance. This is heart energy. In ancient Cabala, the six is Tiferet, which I refer to as the Divine Child energy, which resides in the heart. Tiferet is the unifier of our Divine Masculine and Feminine within ourselves. This is the Divine Child’s Song within each one of us that is awakening our body and mind to what we have forgotten and disconnected from.

I created a mediation called Soul Song recently to help you reconnect to this special Song within you. The Universe is the orchestra of Creation and each one of us holds the Song of our Soul that when we are in-tune with our Divinity, we feel the conscious reconnection with this amazing Orchestra.

222 is a very special frequency too! This indicates the end of duality. The energy of 2 is partnerships, relationships that are cooperative, respectful, and can dance together in harmony. It is also Chockmah, which is lifting the veil, and seeing with your Divine sight. 22 is the master builder. A time of building new foundations that are Divinely inspired as spiritual principles become part of our new formations. 222 means that we are aware of our polarities merging. The battle within is ceasing and giving way to recognition, acceptance and opening our hearts so that balance can be restored, and miracles pave our way forward.

Earth Song

One morning, just before Christmas, I experienced something wonderful as I checked in with my Souls vibration, to find that something changed. When I moved into this vibration, it was musical! The musical vibration was bringing my physical consciousness into the next Octave that Earth has been moving into. My Guides and Angels are letting me know, that it is the return to our frequency before the fall into duality. This is the vibration many felt in Lemuria. This is also where the music of the spheres from Lyra came and bridged with Earth.

Also, this six year (6), happens to be the equivalent of the letter F. F is the note of the Heart Chakra. This is validating that we are indeed moving into the frequency of our Divine Truth.

More Ups than Downs

This year will still be turbulent, but in a different way. These past two years have prepared us to expect the unexpected. Now, when the really big reveals happen, and they will, it will be more of a relief than disbelief. For those who have been working on their inner Shadows, blessings will be obvious. However, for the ones who continue to resist against the wounded self, it could be difficult. Yet, there are many more individuals who are conscious enough, that help will be plentiful.

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In Closing

This is going to be an amazing year of change, be ready. If there is a difficult decision or situation you are facing, you are not alone. Everything needs to be resolved and decisions must be made so that you can move into the reality of your Divine potential.

As always, I am here to assist you.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn Greenleaf