Leaving the Matrix

What is the matrix? The matrix is a construct, a web, a container, an illusion used to promote our ego-based reality. It makes up the part of duality that is the opposite of our Divine Truth. Many are realizing that in fact, their life has not been their own. There has been something else at play. When one hands over their life’s direction to those who take advantage of their position, it is only themselves to blame, for this is the object of the game. Winner takes all.  However, within each one of us, the other half of this game of duality has also been awakening.

For those who have read my book “Re-Entering Eden,” or followed my teachings, we are all in this current reality so that we may learn and grow by experiencing who we are not. However, deep within, we also have access to our Divine Truth. This is one of the ways our Soul expands and grows in wisdom, through choice, and what we do with our choices.

The Trap

The matrix is an ego-based system that deceives you into thinking you have choice, but those who propagate the games within the matrix works toward leaving you very little choice. This is because the matrix is a system created by those who wish to rule and enslave you. It is based on fear, deception, and falsehoods. Fear is an acronym that means, False Evidence Appearing Real.

The creators of the matrix have volunteered to play the opposite end of your Souls spectrum, so that you may learn that no matter how terrible something seems, you are being pushed to find your freedom. When you hear teachers say “the dark ultimately serves the light” this is what they mean.

The matrix tricks us into giving away our power, knowing that someday we will fight to take back our freedom. It is this battle that helps us to value and appreciate our freedoms, and that of others.

When the matrix takes care of things for us, we become complacent and lazy, which is what the matrix wants. The less we are paying attention to the details of life, the more of our life gets taken away. The ones behind the matrix helps us appreciate our life again, because we eventually notice what we have lost. However, first we must earn it, by standing up for our God given rights and never letting them go. We must also come full circle and appreciate the difficulties we faced to achieve this newfound sense of gratitude, personal power, and freedom. We must leave this matrix in the way our Soul guides us, with Grace.

The matrix is unrelenting because it must be. Everyone must find their own power again. I was reminded by one of my Guides about a wonderful message the Dragon energy gave to me. If you find yourself face to face with a dragon, but you do not claim your power, the dragon will devour you. However, if you do stand up for yourself, hold your ground, while looking eye to eye with the dragon, the dragon recognizes that you have reclaimed your power. You have earned the dragon’s respect. Now the Divine Ancient Teachings the Dragon possesses can begin, because you are aligned with them – Body, Mind and Soul as One with Creation.


When we release our attachments to the matrix, we are no longer ruled by our fear that is its construction, mortar, and fuel. We begin to feel the freedom that is our birthright. We tune into our instincts, rather than propaganda. We experience peace because we are disconnected from the manufactured chaos that drives the matrix.

We begin to feel our connection with our true world and appreciate our place in it. We begin to trust our own heart again, as our mind reprograms itself to our Souls Knowing, and what is right for us.

It is the realization that the world is much bigger and more vibrate than what we’ve been told. We no longer allow the opinions of others to affect us, as we throw away the “box” of societies accepted status quo. We dream again, love again, laugh again, live free again.


When you disconnect, clear, or release something, it must be replaced with something else. In this case, it must be your Soul, your Divine Truth. Your Soul is the other side of duality – it is the choice that transcends everything.

It doesn’t matter what your belief system is, what is important is that you are reconnecting to your innermost truth. This internal truth is connected to all the information and answers in the Universe, both above and below. Trusting your internal guidance system to nudge you in the best direction for you liberates you. You are no longer living according to what others believe, you are living and growing towards the direction that will provide sovereignty, protection, and self-mastery.

Faith. Faith in yourself to reconnect to your True and Divine Creator. This is not man’s version of God, which is blind faith and influenced by the matrix. Have faith that there is a Source of Love and Light from which all of Creation originated. This Source is welcoming your return and will protect you from the storms along the way back to yourself.

It is you who must find the way. It is you who must face and rise above your struggles. It is you who you must trust. It is you who you must embrace. It is you who you must love, for then Creation recognizes that you are on your way, you are reconnecting to All That Is, through the power you share with All.  

If you need guidance along your journey, I am here to assist.

Abundant Blessings, Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Spiritual Life Coach

Re-Entering Eden: Reclaiming our Wholeness and Divine Truth

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