This month we have been experiencing a crescendo of sorts, as we wrap up the past, and finish our preparations for the new approaching cycle. This is an uncomfortable time for most, as every level metamorphosis takes place. In many ways, we are being reshaped, reanimated as our karmic cycles end, and our new future begins.

Growing Pains

This month the Universe cranks up the frequency to levels never experienced as we are being prepared to move into our next, evolved future. This means we are feeling deep releases on every level of our being. This shows up as colds and flus, which is the physical body releasing old toxins that cannot exit in the new frequency. Plus, many are feeling deep body pains, which are physical releases of old traumas that were held within your cells. Also, back pain, particularly in the shoulder blade area – this is your wings either budding or getting bigger!

The matrix (creators of the ego, fear-based world) knows what is happening and is trying everything they can to keep you in the low vibration that prevents you from moving forward. It’s important to be in touch and conscious of what you are feeling. If you are anxious, worried, fearful of what you are seeing or hearing from the news, you are participating in the continuation of the ego’s matrix. View these information sources from the objective view of your Soul, and understand, that the entire structure of our reality has been part of the programed matrix. Your first source of information should come from within.

When you choose to release the fearful emotions and thoughts that the world is triggering, and instead tune into what your true heart feels and your Soul conveys, you will realize the game being played, and what the Divine Truth is.  

The powerful eclipses and solar flares this month have really worked wonders by helping to reveal more of what was hidden and corrupt, within ourselves, and our world. The controllers of the 3D ego-based structure, or the matrix are losing their grip on the chains they placed on humanity. More people are waking up realizing that they were able to release those chains long ago. But the cosmic events have stuck deep within their hearts as they now chose freedom.     

Heaven & Earth Unite

The Ascension that we have been experiencing is calling everyone to release the old matrix of learning and experience, so that we may come back into our Divine Truth, through embodiment. Heaven and Earth are coming together, as the dimensional frequencies reach the 5th dimension and higher. This means a life of full consciousness, or Christ Consciousness.

This month, we stand in the center of this union within ourselves. Numerically, 12(3) + 2021(5) = 8. Two worlds, heaven/spirit, and earth/physical manifestation unite. The frequencies of Divine Consciousness (Spirit) are drawing the lower vibrating frequencies of Earth (Body) into the heightened octaves, where Spirit resides. This is what is behind the extraction of lower vibrating (ego) formations within us and our world. The old energies cannot exist in this heightened reality. The frequencies of Light are like a magnet that are drawing out the Shadows from within us. They must be transformed to set us free.

Doorway of Light

The solstice is a very powerful doorway this month. Expect many changes that could appear and be reported as scary in the news. This is the expedited crumbling of everything the matrix holds dear, as we step into the Light of our Divine Truth. Nothing can stop this. This is God behind the wheel of this Ascension. Question is, who will choose to drag their heels in the destruction of the matrix’s illusions, and who will embrace this celebrated liberation?  

Focus Forward!

How do you navigate this? You must focus on the reality you do want. Revive the dreams of your heart. Use your powers of imagination, and envision a beautiful world come to life! Call upon your Spiritual Guides and Angels and ask for their assistance – everyday! Your Divine team are always with you, but they cannot impede on your free will.  You must ask them for help, information, whatever you need.   

Every morning I use this affirmation: “I call upon my True, Divine God, Source of Creation, and my Guides and Angels that are of this Divine Source to guide and assist me on my Soul’s chosen path.” This affirmation helps you get out of the way and focus on the true goals your Soul is here to achieve.  


In Closing

Buckle up and hang on, with a smile on your face! We are so close to some amazing things that we can have and hold. It is so very important that you held the highest vibration possible! So this holiday season, expand the love, joy and gratitude you have in your heart! Your high vibes help bring our new future into our physical reality faster. We literally speed up time and space between our dreams and their reality in our lives when we embody the Love and Light of which we were Created.

I wish you many happy returns, and an abundance of everything you hold dear in your heart!

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

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