November 2021 - Inside Out

The ending months of this year brings the energy of going within, to get clarity and decide what needs to leave our life, to make room for a new adventure. The eclipse season also begins this month and can help us let go of the past and open to the new.

Eclipses give us opportunities to take quantum steps into higher states of consciousness, guided by our Higher Selves making sure we follow the road our Soul has been pointing us toward. 

With the upcoming partial full moon lunar eclipse, what we have manifested will come into question as we dance in the sign of Taurus. This will be a time to decide what isn’t working in our lives so we can begin to resolve and let it go. This opens the door to the new possibilities the total solar eclipse brings in December. Keep in mind, that the ending and beginning of cycles always go through a period of overlap. This is an opportunity to align with what we want and tie up loose ends.

Novembers eclipse with the combination of grounded earthy Taurus, and deep watery Scorpio brings us deep into the self, to decide what we would like to ground into our earthly reality going forward.

Some of you may have experienced a great deal of detoxing on multiple levels as of late. This shows up as achy muscles, feeling tired and needing additional sleep, feeling the past resurface, and the body releasing toxins, via symptoms you would find in colds and flues.

Many are moving into a much higher frequency, which requires a letting go of denser energies, thoughts, beliefs, on the emotional, mental, physical, etheric, and spiritual levels. Much is ending, so that we can begin again on an entirely new rung along our evolutionary journeys.

Venus, the planet of abundant love, beauty, and money moves into the earth sign of Capricorn, which is another grounding planet dealing with structure. It feels as though we will be ending 2021 on a good note.

Remember to be in a state of gratitude as you move through these important stages, and fully appreciate all the wonderful people and things you have in your life.

Humanity has been derailed in many ways via unnecessary distractions that changed the focus from family and community to selfishness and addictions. The healing process can be painful, but also beautiful as consciousness expands and overwhelming odds are conquered.

Believe in yourself and know that Creation is assisting you as much as you allow. Remember to ask for assistance, and it will be given.

Abundant Blessings, Carolyn Greenleaf

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I will explain the hidden energy and story within the word EDEN that unlocks the mysteries of humanity’s journey; how it began, how it grew, and how it ends.

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