Re-Balance - 2021

Hello 2021!

Wow! 2020 sure has been….interesting! As with all new creations, old foundations must release, so the new can be built. We have been in a mighty construction zone, where old ways no longer work well, and the new begins to solidify. As we move into the next stage of our new cycle, which 2020 opened, our vision not only continues to sharpen, but we will begin to see much more of what was hidden from our sight. Nothing is as it seems. As we leave the egos deep and divisive Shadow worlds behind, our eyes will align with the vision and knowing of our Soul. The ego’s ways, beliefs and creations are the opposite of the Soul’s, and this year, we are moving right-side up. Change and re-balance will be the underlying theme this year….and it's going to be big. 

Wake Up

Many have heard reference to the “Awakening” or “Ascension”, which means we are gaining a higher state of Consciousness. Within our Conscious states, our understanding and awareness expands as we reconnect to our Universal Knowing’s. The most important of these is that we are One. We are connected to All That Is. We are also the Light, Dark and the Shadows too. We are responsible for…. everything. This responsibility entails that we balance these polarities within ourselves. These polarities reflect our masculine and feminine aspects, which I have written and taught within my classes and book “Re-Entering Eden.”

Within “Re-Entering Eden,” I share knowledge about the simple significance of the shape, 8. The 8 represents our two worlds. The top circle of the 8 represents our Spirit or Souls Conscious World, which is right side up. The bottom circle of the 8 is the ego world, that is our physical 3D experience in a dualistic (extreme polarities) reality, which is the opposite of our Soul/Spirits Divine Truth. In the figure 8, the ego world is upside down and backwards. In Truth, the 8 naturally returns to 0, or One when we release the tension in the center of the 8.

In 2020, we stepped into the Center of the 8, which is where many things broke loose. During the end of December 2020, we then stepped into the top circle of the 8. This happened, because the original energies, represented by Adam and Lilith chose to release their ego ways, forgive and step forward together, returning to “Eden.” Eden is the symbolic place of consciousness, balance, and unity with All That Is. This means that the original roots of humanity have returned to their Divine Origins, leading the way for all of humanity to follow.

New Reality

For those who have resisted healing their polarities, traumas, and issues of the past, it will be difficult and painful in many ways.  Those who have taken responsibility for their own mistakes and accepted their internal truths, this change is exciting!

Shocking revelations of things that have always existed in the ego world will come to our attention, asking the question, “are you ready to change this?” But as we are shaken to our core, the misplaced Shadows within ourselves will break free, as our Souls Truth shines through the cracks of our old foundations. New pathways and options will be noticed as we allow the realignment, reconnection, and rebalancing of our Souls eternal Truths.

Much will become obvious after the shock wears off, and we will wonder why we didn’t realize how much of our power we gave away. The ego within tends to be blind to what is happening around us. The ego self builds its reality through what is happening in the outer world, because this is the part of us that is separate from our internal truths and wisdoms. However, the heightened frequency of our Soul’s reality triggers our remembrance, as we begin to question what we have blindly accepted as our truth.


The only way forward is within. It is within the self that balance, truth, power and wisdom is found. This is why heart-based meditations are of great assistance; they help you get comfortable with yourself, so that you can reach deeper states of understanding, and healing. Each Sunday, I have been offering a free live Meditation on Facebook at 11 am central time. You will find these on my Greenleaf Healing page.

My Re-Entering Eden class series is now on my website! This series includes a copy of my book, downloadable classes, and much more, including a year of weekly supportive messages at the conclusion of the course. I will continue to bring new and better ways to enhance these teachings and help you regain the peace, wholeness and true abundance your heart has always known is possible.

In Closing

Hang on, it's going to be a bumpy, yet exciting ride. It all depends on which perspective you chose, as your world changes around you.  Question everything! Reconnect to your intuitive nature, or gut instincts to guide you, not your anger. Anger, worry, self pity keeps you in the reality you are trying to leave. Know that you have the power to change your life and create the dreams that are within your heart. Instead of blame, take responsibility for all of it. See yourself in everyone and all things. Exchange your judgement for compassion, and hatred with understanding. In addition, be grateful for all the lessons you have learned on your life’s amazing journey.

As always, I am here to assist you.

Abundant Blessings,