Rebirth - Greenleaf Happenings – February 2022

What can I say? OMG!!!! The energies of this month are going to gift us in a multitude of ways that will really open our hearts and the brilliant ideas that have been hiding for so long! After the last several months of deep and often difficult transformation, we will feel reborn and ready to run forward!

Oh, The Two’s

Why is 2 significant? Well, firstly, we have an abundance of them this month, as they are doubled, tripled, quadruple, quintuple, etc. When a number is multiplied, its energies are too. This month, we have the energy of 2 in many multiples that will elevate this entire month and carry us throughout the year, and beyond.

Two is about relationships. This includes our relationship with everything in our inner and outer worlds. The multiples make this a really big deal when you consider what has been happening for the last two years. Our relationships have been strained or broken with our loved ones, friends, co-workers, our careers. We’ve lost faith in our governments, many businesses, the health care industry, and so much more.

The blessings of these difficult years are that we were able to finally see much of what was hidden. Now, we have a clearer idea of what we do not want. We’ve also let go of much by force or necessity. Now, we can regain control, with the Universe acting as the wind beneath our wings!

A Closer Look at Two

How these twos will affect you is dependent upon whether you are focused on the ego/fear based reality, in which case the energy comes across as dualistic or polarized. But if you are in tune with your Heart and Soul, you’ll experience its Divine energy as balanced, cooperative, respectful and bestows honor to one another. In the Tree of Life, the 2 is known as Chockmah, the unveiling, or shattering of the ego illusion so that you may claim your Divine Sight, Wisdom and Clarity.

The energy of 22 is known as the Master Builder. This is when you use your Divine Sight and Wisdom to build new foundations that honor all elements of the material, ideas and people that are part of these creations.

222, which is the energy of this year, will make each one of us examine our relationships with ourselves and our outer world. In addition, our assessments will determine the foundations that will create our future.

February (2) 2022 is 2222. This is the Master Builder number doubled! This is also the energy of the 8, when we add the 2’s together. This indicates that we are working on how we will honor and balance our spiritual reality with our physical reality. The greater balance we achieve, the greater our abundance is too.  

February 2, 2022 is 22222. We also have February 22, 2022, which is 222222. That’s a lot of 2’s! That’s also a lot of Soul searching and movement at the same time. Luckily, we are moving out of the retrograding planets for a while, and Mercury is going direct on February 3/4th. 

Guess what? The Chinese New Year begins February 1st! The month of cooperation, wisdom and clarity is enhanced with the Festival of Lights and honors the year of the Water Tiger! This is a forward moving strong energy or loyalty, courage, stamina, and prosperity. This is also a fearless and ambitious creature that leaps great lengths to reach its goal. The Tiger is sure of itself, are you? Are you ready to leap forward and fearlessly capture your dreams and make them a reality? This year, you will be greatly supported to do so.

You can also think of the Tiger as a kind of Jedi. Tigers are a patient yin energy and strike when the time is right. The water element enhancing the feminine or yin qualities can help you embrace the stillness within the Flow of Creation. Your intuitive wisdom also cultivates your inner strength, then alerts you when the time is right to take proper action. This all comes from tuning into the Flow from within.  


We also have Valentines Day. A time when we show our appreciation for those we love, which enhances our relationships. This energy in combination with the multiple twos, and the Chinese New Year of the water tiger will enhance our fortitude and direction.

This month and for the remainder of this year, it will be very important to be conscious of how we are treating ourselves, one another, plus our environment, and the Spirit within all. Are we being supportive, loyal, and committed? Are we fearless in our defense for what we believe is right for ourselves? Are we honorable with our word? Are we in a cooperative flow with the feelings of others, and the energies we are working with?


Affirmation for the year of the Water Tiger

To help you hone into these amazing energies, I’ve prepared an affirmation for you.

“Great Spirit of Water Tiger, guide me in your wise ways, and help me align with the wisdom of my Soul. I choose to seek from within myself the blessings and abundance my Soul has for me and directs me towards. I will honor your courageous ways and act when the Flow shows me it is time. I will seek to deepen my relationships with my world, both inside and out. I choose to be loyal to my word, and those I love. I will find more ways to cultivate a cooperative reality with all that I am blessed to know. I chose to be strong and faithful to the Divine path opening for me now. And So It Is.“

In Closing

Embrace the blessings this month will bring, for they will continue to unfold throughout the year. The shift in your relationship with yourself and your world merges the polarities that have keep you apart from your Souls Truth, and the Divine Truth within others and your world. Know that the Universe is supporting you and embracing you always.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf





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Wishing you prosperity, health and well-being!

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf