Restructuring & Building Foundations

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2021

Throughout the month of February, we’ve been encountering various battles, both inner and outer. Even though we are in a new space energetically, the unresolved ego foundations and issues are trying to pull us back. The ego based world is desperately trying to stop us by using all the normal fearmongering techniques that worked in the past. However, this desperation is revealing who the wizard really is behind the curtain. If we trust our Souls instincts and courageously look behind the curtain of deceit, we can be victorious. Then, the real restructuring can move forward on our new foundations.


February 2020 (2+2+0+2+1=7) is the energy of Netzach in the Tree of Life; it means victory over the ego. As many know, 7 is also a very spiritual number. It is our conscious connection to the Soul self that claims victory over the ego self and shatters its formations.

What many don’t realize is before we can heal something that we are not conscious of, we must see it. In seeing it, we may experience painful emotions for a brief time as we move through the healing process. We also must understand how we got into some of these difficult and deceitful situations, so we do not repeat them. This healing is now on the personal and its connection to mass consciousness in big ways.

What we are experiencing today is the shattering of the ego’s created illusion. This fall of the third and fourth dimensional illusions means that life as we knew it, wasn’t what we thought it was. Nothing is as it seems, because the ego self and the world created through the ego is the opposite of our Soul’s truth. Upside down and backwards. The entire structure of our ego based world is toppling. What will be revealed will be shocking. Many call this the great Awakening, because we are finding out that many whom we trusted to lead and protect us, are those whom we need to be protected against.

The battles happening in our outer world is not really about politics, or the corona virus – those are designed to distract us, but from what? I will leave that to you to find out. Why? Because the reason we are in this predicament is because we became complacent, lazy and blind. We stopped taking responsibility for what was really going on in our world. The ugly and inconvenient truths were denied and suppressed – within us and reflected in our outer world.

We will learn that while humanity has been asleep at the wheel, the creatures of our nightmares have been stealing our freedoms, money, rights, and our precious children. Many will feel shattered to the core. However, unknown blessings will now have an opportunity to be experienced as we begin to witness our fifth dimensional structures surface. However, to fully experience the joyous blessings that await, we must wake up, face the facts and heal, because the game of duality is over.   

Year of the Ox

I always look at clues the Chinese New Year offers. This is the year of the metal yin Ox. The Ox is the second sign of the Chinese zodiac, making this a year for consolidating and building a steady foundation.

In 2020, we moved into an entirely new cycle, which was brought in by the Rat, the first animal in the Chinese zodiac. The Rat was riding on the back of the Ox to get to the party and jumped in front of the Ox to enter first. This year, the Ox (Yin Metal) is in the spotlight.

The new cycle, which started in 2020 really began the crumbling of the old cycle in earnest, while new foundations were trying to get a foothold for us. Now, with the Ox leading the way in 2021, we will witness a steadier, more methodical pace as we begin to see some amazing new things arrive in our lives.

The Ox is also associated with wealth and new opportunities! This will be a great year to notice abundance in many areas of life. However, we need to be diligent with releasing the old and defunct believes and creations of the past so this new abundance can make its way into our lives.

This Ox is also in the metal element and is a Yin (feminine) energy. This indicates that we will be reworking or dealing with rigid (metal), third and fourth dimensional beliefs or formations, but the creative energy of yin will help us reform them and create something beautiful.

The Yin Ox is a wonderful combination of the masculine and feminine aspects working in unison to create a strong, balance and harmonious reality.

In Closing

This is going to be an exciting journey that will be filled with everything you would expect in a blockbuster movie. But in this case, each one of you are the stars. If you chose to be the victor, you must be a conscious participant, and then you will have a wonderful experience. However, if you chose to resist the inevitable, fear (ego) could overtake you, and you will experience a nightmare. The choice has and will always be yours. Choose Love, it is what you were truly made of. Honor your Truth.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf