Returning to Center - 2023

Happy New Year!

Wow! What a ride 2022 was! I know many experienced similar things, such as an unrevealing of the past and repositioning for the future in mysterious ways. Mysterious because we are being prepared for expanded, never experienced realities. Kind of scary and unnerving because we are bumping up against many internal issues that are reflected in our outer world.  However, the more aligned you are with your Soul, the better you will feel. The awakening and need for a more conscious reality is moving us back into our Center.

Turning of the Tide

At the beginning of every year is a time when we are changing cycles, which means we are releasing elements of the past so we can move into our new cycle with more clarity.

The end of 2022 and the first few weeks of this year has been extra difficult for some as we have been pulled back to reexamine, resolve and release the past. This “unraveling” has many layers!

This is a time to be patient with yourself and everything that’s happening around you. Things are still shifting into new positions, and when this happens, oftentimes you’ll be held in place until the dust settles. This new year in particular has retrograding energies that are helping us to make better choices and release more of what no longer serves us. Hooray!!!

I do believe this can be a phenomenal year for those of you who chose it to be. Many of you feel stretched, you’ve lost much, even some of your loved ones, but if you keep the faith and focus forward in the most positive vibes you can muster, you’re going to experience some wonderful victories.


2023 is a 7 year. It is a very spiritual number. This means you will be urged to go deeper within your Self to find and embody your divine truth and align with your Soul’s path in your life. Your Soul ultimately leads you to your abundant truth – your power to create or recreate your reality, and the unlimited abundance, which includes the financial abundance that has always been yours.

This also means, you will be faced with many untruths where you will need to decide which path to take – go along with the ego mind’s old beliefs, individually and collectively, or have the courage and faith to change and claim your internal truth. Within is your pathway to riches – without is your old story that is but a shadow of who you are and what you came here to accomplish.  

Shift Forward

Where have you been focusing your energy within the last few months, that has left you feeling depleted?

Reason I’m asking you to look at this is because you can get stuck into heavy situations, or problems on an unconscious level without realizing it. This brings your vibration down to where you don’t see opportunities that you otherwise would have.

Bring this to your awareness, then choose the best outcome. Imagine it as done.

Next, ask yourself where you would like to focus your energy towards. Now get excited about your forward movement, and keep it front and center. This will help you rise your vibration and open doors for your forward trajectory.

Leaping Forward!

If you are feeling lost, or feel as though you lack purpose, have gotten off track somehow, and don’t feel fulfilled, then I have something special that can help change everything. This is an opportunity that can help clear up confusion, provide clarity, and speed your forward movement. 

Leaping Forward is a tremendous opportunity for quick results!

It’s one-on-one time with yours truly, where I will Identify your Soul-Centered Purpose and the best actions you can take to achieve it. This will:

  • Trigger deep awakenings and realizations within you.
  • Give you clarity, relief, direction.
  • Momentum to move forward quicker.  

Plus, you will learn what this year means to you – the new opening cycle and how you can utilize it to achieve your goals.

In addition, I’m doing something I’ve never done before – I will record a personalize meditation with theta sounds and the direction you are consciously choosing.

I only have 7 openings for this unique and impactful opportunity. Click the link: Leaping Forward for more information.


In Closing

There will be many challenges this year, but these challenges are designed to help you grow and evolve into your greatness! It’s important to be brave, have patience and faith to help you navigate some of the new territory you will likely find yourself in. Think of this year as an adventure, and get your inner child involved. Embrace the growth and joy that awaits.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf