The Changing Cycles of Our Lives

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As the end of each year approaches, we find ourselves reassessing our paths, and often, the totality of our lives. During this review, a natural transformation takes place; one that is both painful and beautiful. This transformation is instigated by many things—both seen and unseen. I speak of a constant cycle—an ebb and flow that is our true nature, although forgotten, will always exist.

Sacred Journey

In our ancient past, the cycles that directed our ancestors’ course were honored and embraced. This forgotten connection is an important element to understanding the twists and turns our lives must take. Life is and has always been a sacred journey; one with intersecting cycles that move us toward the growth and achievement we chose before we were born.

Timing is everything, as the date we are born begins our personal cycles of experience. Numbers are encoded universal energies that influence our lives in many ways. Understanding what each number symbolizes helps us know what we can expect within each stage of our nine-year cycles of growth and experience. Our personal cycles intertwine with the Universal year everyone experiences.

During the later months of each year, the focus becomes resolve, release and open. The approaching new and evolved cycle triggers the release of the old. Externally, life circumstances begin to change. Internally, we experience the release of our old cycle energy as colds, flu, aches and pains on any level of our being. The release of old energies creates openings for the new and expanded cycle that is coming into our lives. Hence, we must transform what was, so we can experience what and who we are ready to be.

As the old releases, hidden emotional traumas, erroneous thoughts and limiting beliefs that block us arise. We feel or re-experience the past because it is being drawn out of us by the improved opportunities that now approach. By releasing our resistance, we surrender to our sacred nature and allow a deep cleansing or ebb to occur, so something much better can flow into place.

New Beginnings

If you recall, you may have felt uplifted, hopeful and excited before the upheaval of the old cycle went into full force. The energies of a New Cycle overlap the Ending Cycle for three months prior and after. Since our upcoming New Year or Universal Year 2019 is a 3, (Add the numbers 2+0+1+9, and then reduce the solution to a single digit. In this case that is 1+2=3), it’s no wonder you may have felt uplifted! The energy of 3 is very optimistic—it’s the energy of our Divine Innocence, expansion and happiness! This coincides with the planet Jupiter’s recent return to its home sweet home in Sagittarius. This matchup embodies expansion, benevolence, and a bounty of possibilities! Prior to Jupiter’s station in Sagittarius, this influential planet spent the last year in Scorpio. Scorpio represents transformation, death and rebirth, which is why we experienced so much turmoil. The stuck energies of the past were being forced out, and it wasn’t pretty. Now, we will experience the blessings on the other side of that difficult year of transformation; we have become a new Phoenix!

Say Yes!

The quickest and most rewarding way to move through these shifting energies and cycles is to honor and embrace the sacred transformation taking place. As difficult as some days may still feel, the past helped you grow and achieve the level of maturity and knowledge needed for the next cycle of your exciting journey.

You are capable of more than you can fathom, with gifts beyond your imagining. You came here to realize all of it! When you understand that each cycle is designed to move you into your greatest potential, you will know why your ancestors honored them. By embracing the natural ebbs and flows within your cycles, joy will always find you.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

This article was written for Conscious Community Magazine, based in Chicago IL 

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