The Evolving Nature of Consciousness

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If we were to step back and notice the evolutionary advancements humanity has achieved in the last millennium, we would be amazed by the expansion that has taken place. Currently, we have been experiencing what many believe is the greatest evolutionary leap of all time. Our awakening consciousness is taking us into new territory.

This article is about the process and nature of our evolving state of consciousness. I have interviewed people from every generation. The feedback was interesting and unexpected as I gathered varying viewpoints. What was most interesting was my interviewees’ focus of where conscious evolution is taking place; internally or externally. This article will show that perception is important when determining where our evolving consciousness is taking us.



The evolving nature of consciousness has many cycles and stages:

  1. We begin at the Heart of Creation as All Knowing, All Powerful, and Fearless with a compulsion to grow and expand.
  2. We seek to expand through experience. This involves levels of amnesia – to learn, we must begin with an empty cup. This opens a journey of discovery that creates opportunities to expand perceptions, enhancing our knowledge and wisdom.
  3. Returning to Center: An awakening process that urges all participants to remember their powerful inheritance. It is a call back to the Heart of Creation. This is the most challenging and rewarding stage.
  4. New Form: With our Heart aligned to our Center, enhanced ways of being, perceiving, and building take place.
  5. Enhanced Awakened States: Here, we are fully embodied within the Heart of Creation as we experience our newfound growth and achievements in our fully awakened reality.
  6. A New Cycle begins as we repeat the stages, beginning with stage two.

Currently, we are between two stages – Returning to Center and New Form. Returning to Center or Consciousness is a long and painful, yet joyous process. This awakening confronts us with harmful beliefs and behaviors, which were passed down through the generations. Truths are surfacing as resolutions must now take place.

Generations of Awaking 

Many of our elders and traditionalist generations began to question the suppressed nature of their reality. Due to fear, survival, and casting out, this forced an underground movement for those who felt their internal truth budding.

The Baby Boomers took the next step and made giant leaps forward by encouraging acceptance of humanity’s inner and expanded truths. The effects of love and peace, instead of war and hate, continue to unfold in unprecedented ways. Even though many of the “flower children” felt defeated, their efforts are everlasting. Many of these individuals became the teachers that would bring our spiritual truths and curiosity into the open. In many ways, they served as a bridge.

Generation X is comprised of many Souls who widened the path set by the baby boomers. Many accelerated our connection through technologies that could help us unite with others. These technologies opened the door toward self-empowerment, enhancing our internal and external freedom.

The Millennials (Generation Y) have been at the forefront of the demolition process. These individuals came to earth questioning and testing everything, including their parent’s beliefs. Many were termed “Indigos.” They were able to see the trappings of the past ways of thinking, and refused to conform. They were rebelling against anything that stood in the way of true freedom in all its forms. This generation is difficult for many to understand, because they appear to be self-centered. This generation needs an internal focus and connection for the difficult work they do.

For many of these millennials, the return to self became an impulse to don their inner reality on their bodies, as tattoos and piercings increased in popularity. It is an outward expression that needs no apology as they carry their previous generation’s need to be seen and heard into the open. Their pain and need regarding spirituality is merely an acceptance of who they are – their Authentic Signature.

The millennials and centennials (Generation Z) for the most part, retain their Knowing, with no need to justify, defend, or discuss their natural connection to Creation. Instead, their main focus is reformulating the physical reality and humanity’s relationship to it.

The centennials’ main focus is to use the platform the millennials prepared. Both the millennials and centennials are technologically advanced, with the blueprints in place to move humanity into the next evolutionary position. All we need to do is get out of their way and support their efforts.

Backwards or Forwards?

To some, it looks like we have regressed, due to the fighting and resistance toward the reformation taking place. Evolution is painful, because there is a dismantling, revealing, and healing of the past events and structures. However, the inner-focused spiritual seeker knows we are evolving in magnificent ways!

Thank You!

I would like to thank my interviewees who shared their experiences and opinions; those who wish to remain anonymous, plus Claudine, Mary, John, Glenn Kidd, and Sandy Passmore.

I am also grateful for Michael W. and Mary W. for sharing their awakening experiences. When we share, we help others in a myriad of ways.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

This article was written for Conscious Community Magazine, based in Chicago IL 


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