There are No Victims Here

Things don’t happen to you, they happen for you. This means that everything in your world is helping you realize something about yourself. Your world reflects what is beautiful and special about you, but it also mirrors what is keeping you from realizing how amazing you really are. 

Think about it - what do most people focus on? Problems. People have become so attached to what is wrong; they can’t see the amazing possibilities that surround them. This keeps many individuals stuck, asking “why can’t I move forward, why does this keep happening, why, why, why? They fail to realize that what’s wrong can actually help them understand how to make things right.

To come into a state of resolution, the first thing that must change is where one’s focus is being drawn. By acknowledging there is a problem, then taking responsibility by focusing on an inward resolution, the door to possibilities opens. It is through an internal shift in perception that this change takes place.

Because we live in a dualistic reality, there will always be two choices from which we can live. However, even though these realities are opposites; one is a positive, loving experience, and the other is a negative and fear based existence – they ultimately serve one another. 

Black & White

The negative or fear based reality is where we gain knowledge, as it also increases our compassion and understanding. The negative reality is also called the ego’s reality. The difficult and traumatic events developed out of the ego’s reality effects multiple levels of our personal life. These levels are where growth and healing are taking place. In order to move forward into our positive, loving reality and remain there consistently, we will always return to the scene of the misalignment, transgression – or injury that began our sojourn. Where the initial incident took place, is where the transformation is also made. We cannot fully experience our loving and empowered reality until we finish resolving what took us from this existence in the first place. It becomes our mission as we move into the final stage of mastery.

However, to gain the courage and clarity needed to transform something negative, we must unite with the loving and positive reality of our Soul’s Truth. We then experience a back and forth process between realities, until the point of compassion is reached – toward self and all involved. Clarity and the heightened vibration of the loving reality within the self transform the barriers, which the unresolved issue created.

The desire for the positive reality in which our heart knows is true begins to beckon.  The journey Home to our greater truth circles around and around what we have been conditioned to deny- and the brilliance we left behind.

Claiming Your Freedom

As we come closer to the point of completion toward our Soul’s chosen journey, an awakening begins deep within the self. We make new choices. The heightened frequency of our choice to follow a positive path also triggers the reasons we are not already living it. In this way, we are forced to resolve our internal blocks that negate our chosen reality.

Like everyone else, we live the majority of our life on autopilot - unconscious of the choices that prevent our forward movement. However, the repressed issues and unconscious behaviors that don’t line up with what we are choosing must surface.

The reason our greatest adversaries are also our greatest teachers is because they trigger unconscious behaviors such as weaknesses, erroneous beliefs that are the product of old wounds that we never healed. When we think less of ourselves, how can we rise into our true brilliance and potential? People who bully or aggravate us are actually doing us a favor – they push us to the point that we forget about our internal wounds long enough to force ourselves off the floor. Surprised by the powerful surge we never knew we had, we then realize how wrong we were – about ourselves. The victim then becomes the grateful victor.  

Our outer world will always trigger things we are not aware is blocking our path forward. These triggers are always directed within the self; directing us to the blocks we created.

We are never a victim. The circumstances of our lives were chosen before we arrived – by us. These are challenges that give us the opportunity to reclaim what we learned to deny. Now, the only way to finish our old journey and enter a new and loving one requires us to look in the mirror, release our resistance (fears) and take full responsibility for all that has happened. Then love it, thank it and let it go.

Ultimately, every situation, relationship, choice, mistake is designed to help you heal and grow.  Your life is and has always been up to you. Your awareness and internal strength is what brings you to your ultimate truth – you are powerful beyond measure.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf