Thoughts to Ponder

One of the most important things I teach my clients is to differentiate between whether their thoughts and beliefs are truly their own or not.

This is key when we consider whether we are aligned with our true Soul-Centered Purpose.

We have been inundated with others’ beliefs, opinions, and thoughts from the moment we were born. Actually, it begins prior to our birth. Our ancestors’ beliefs are hardwired into our DNA. Beliefs and the behaviors they initiate, no matter their origin remain until they are changed.

How do we know whether our thoughts and beliefs are truly from our authentic self or not? We must change a fundamental behavior and bring our energy, focus and attention within the self.

Let me explain.

The thoughts and beliefs that are from an external source, such as society, family, friends, etc. may not be what your heart knows as your authentic truth. Often there is an internal discomfort or conflict around a thought or belief that you may have desensitized yourself from.

You don’t notice it because you’ve also formed the unhealthy habit of going outside of yourself for the answers you seek. It’s part of humanities psychological error. It plugs you into the outer world’s beliefs along with your ancestors, which then form your reality. What you think and believe, you create. This is why so much frustration has surfaced – the Soul or authentic self within each person is making it known that there is more to you and for you, much more.

However, the remedy is simple, yet challenging because you must begin to bring your focus, energy, and attention back to you.

It has been proven that your heart is a powerhouse. This is because it is the bridge between your Soul and your physical experience. Therefore, your heart is the gateway to your Soul’s wisdom and knowledge that is yours and yours alone.  

Each one of us is here to have our own reality check, so to speak. It’s time to become fully aware of what we are feeling, and question what we are thinking. The rewards will astound you!

So, let go of your frustrations and embrace your Soul-Centered Purpose to become one with your true driving force that will lead you to all your heart desires. Abundance and freedom can be yours if you allow it.

-Carolyn M. Greenleaf

[email protected]