Transitioning Cycles

This is a time of faith, acceptance, letting go, and looking forward.  We have all been through the ringer this past year, and it seems to be coming to a crescendo.  We are witnessing the end of the old ways, while experiencing the echoes of the ancient past. These old negative behaviors are making themselves known, only to ask us, “are you done with this yet?” What blocks us must be cleared, so the way forward is made. The planetary movements are assisting us in big ways. The energy of this five year, is also forcing change upon us, so that the loving six energy of 2022 can help us come together, by rising above our grievances in recognition of what is most important – love.

Ascension Progress

Before graduating from the school which this third dimensional reality, all its timelines and cycles must be healed. This is the back and forth, and the feeling of “been there, done that” resounding over and over. We experience this, until we choose once again to correct our past behaviors with those that serve all in positive ways. This is not pretty, but the efforts are well worth it.

Its interesting that the influence of this year’s Chinese Zodiac, the Ox teaches us to get back to basics, by letting go of what no longer serves us. This transformation is taking place within all of us.

In addition, we have six planets in retrograde this month. We are encapsulated in the universes attempt to move us inside ourselves to reexamine our past, and how we would like to move forward. By the end of this month, only two planets remain in retrograde. That means four planets shifting forward, are creating a great deal of movement within each one of us. October 31st, Halloween, or Samhain, representing death, will also align with the Pleiades high in the sky, pointing to rebirth.  

Nothing can stop what is coming. God is truly in control, and is helping us finish loose ends, so we can experience the amazing dreams our hearts have held dear. Everyone will begin to attract whatever is needed for our new sojourn. However, not everyone is making the same choice of destination. We will see many, new possibilities, and paths open.  Therefore, many are currently experiencing difficulties in their current relationships because some of our loved ones have chosen a different path in which to continue their Souls objectives.

This is part of graduation - letting go. We must learn to except each person’s choice. Whether our loved ones leave this old reality through the death process, or physically step into a new world, our support and blessings will help everyone get through this.

2022 = 6

Six is the most loving number in numerology. This is heart energy. Six is also Tifferet in the Tree of Life, which is the Divine Child who unifies what was once separated through Gods love. Six is also family and service oriented, creating commitment, balance, and harmony.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited! What awaits us is something extraordinary! It’s important to focus on your dreams, while also honoring the past. Our past taught us many things and allowed us to heal old wounds. The Chinese zodiac for 2022 is the water tiger, which indicates positive changes, possibilities, and prosperity!

In Closing

We are still in for a bumpy ride as 2021 wraps up, so be kind to yourself and others. It’s also important to focus forward, so you can begin to feel your new reality as the possibilities coming closer. Faith in God and what you feel in your heart will help you release those who must travel a different path than yours. Trust your instincts and surrender to Creations/God Flow which will help you arrive at the best destinations and solutions for you. By letting go of your need to control others and your outer world, you can cultivate self-mastery, which will be needed as you move forward.

Make sure you utilize the heart-based meditations I’ve been sending you each week. Reconnecting to your internal truth will help you in numerous ways. I am also offering 20% off Spiritual Coaching Sessions, for anyone who needs assistance.

I wish you all, Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf