Turning the Page - December 2020

This year has been full of unexpected surprises! Many have seen this year as disastrous, while others have seen the unfolding events as magical. We are walking through the demolition of our old world, while walking into our new. Within the world of ego, nothing is as it seems.


When we look at the numeric value of this month and year (12+2020), we get the number 7. Seven is known to be spiritual in nature, but it also represents Netzach in ancient Cabala, or the Tree of Life. Netzach is located on the body triangle of the Tree and represents victory over the ego. This victory is a result of coming into our spiritual awareness and understanding that we are living in a dualistic world where both ego and spirit exist. From this awareness, we take back our power and consciously control our own destiny.

The year 2020 has been the doorway into a new cycle that humanity agreed to enter, long ago. When humanity choose to experience duality, they left the Garden of Spiritual Knowing, Alignment and understanding that all are connected.

As explained in my book Re-Entering Eden, that word EDEN holds the story of humanities sojourn into the world of ego, and how they would return to the Garden.  We are now experiencing last letter, N. The N represents the acceptance and reunification of our polarities, represented by the masculine (Adam) and feminine (Lilith & Eve) energies we each hold. Deep within, we know our internal world must come into balance. The power plays we experience in our external world are reflecting the battles we have within the self.  

The chaos everyone has been encountering this year is the ego self/world that refuses to let go of its distorted sense of power. The ego world is moving against the tide of humanity’s opening Conscious Reality. The ego fears what it does not understand or can control, so its throwing everything at us for its own survival!


Nothing is as it seems. When you are walking in the ego world, you are experiencing the opposite of your True Reality. These untruths vie for your attention because you must awaken from the dream, or nightmare. Therefore, your adversaries are not your enemies, they are forcing you to take action and reclaim what has always been yours – your Power. This Power is your ability to consciously create your reality, thereby rising above the lessens your Soul chose for you to encounter, so that you could heal the past and come into a greater degree of understanding of… yourself.

Drum Roll….

All the world is now fixated on the US presidential outcome. Here, the battle for Truth will unite - if we chose to find what has been hidden from our sight. The search for truth should be at the forefront of our lives because this is forcing us the get Real with our internal battles, which we share with the world. It’s time to take full responsibility for what we have failed to do; Accept, Embrace and work toward the fulfilment and dreams waiting within our hearts.  This means we must stand up for our God Given Inheritance. We are the Creators of our own reality - it is time we behave a such.


A magical world will be known and experienced if you chose. You will always have freewill. Whether you choose the open cycle of your Divine Consciousness or linger in the blind world of the ego is up to you. The ego world is a valuable experience, but it’s time….to come Home.


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In closing, know that we walk this path together. I will always believe in you, because I know who you are meant to BE. If you need assistance, please email me.

Abundant Blessings, Carolyn