The Changing Cycles of Our Lives

Feb 01, 2021

(4 of 4 from Consciousness Series)

As the end of each year approaches, we find ourselves reassessing our paths, and often, the totality of our lives. During this review, a natural transformation takes place; one that is both painful and beautiful. This transformation is instigated by many things—both seen and unseen. I speak of a constant cycle—an ebb and flow that is our true nature, although forgotten, will always exist.

Sacred Journey

In our ancient past, the cycles that directed our ancestors’ course were honored and embraced. This forgotten connection is an important element to understanding the twists and turns our lives must take. Life is and has always been a sacred journey; one with intersecting cycles that move us toward the growth and achievement we chose before we were born.

Timing is everything, as the date we are born begins our personal cycles of experience. Numbers are encoded universal energies that influence our lives in many ways. Understanding...

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Re-Balance - 2021

Jan 02, 2021

Hello 2021!

Wow! 2020 sure has been….interesting! As with all new creations, old foundations must release, so the new can be built. We have been in a mighty construction zone, where old ways no longer work well, and the new begins to solidify. As we move into the next stage of our new cycle, which 2020 opened, our vision not only continues to sharpen, but we will begin to see much more of what was hidden from our sight. Nothing is as it seems. As we leave the egos deep and divisive Shadow worlds behind, our eyes will align with the vision and knowing of our Soul. The ego’s ways, beliefs and creations are the opposite of the Soul’s, and this year, we are moving right-side up. Change and re-balance will be the underlying theme this year….and it's going to be big. 

Wake Up

Many have heard reference to the “Awakening” or “Ascension”, which means we are gaining a higher state of Consciousness. Within our Conscious states, our...

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The Evolving Nature of Consciousness

Jan 01, 2021

(3 of 4 Article in Consciousness Series)

If we were to step back and notice the evolutionary advancements humanity has achieved in the last millennium, we would be amazed by the expansion that has taken place. Currently, we have been experiencing what many believe is the greatest evolutionary leap of all time. Our awakening consciousness is taking us into new territory.

This article is about the process and nature of our evolving state of consciousness. I have interviewed people from every generation. The feedback was interesting and unexpected as I gathered varying viewpoints. What was most interesting was my interviewees’ focus of where conscious evolution is taking place; internally or externally. This article will show that perception is important when determining where our evolving consciousness is taking us.



The evolving nature of consciousness has many cycles and stages:

  1. We begin at the Heart of Creation as All Knowing, All Powerful, and Fearless...
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Turning the Page - December 2020

Dec 01, 2020

This year has been full of unexpected surprises! Many have seen this year as disastrous, while others have seen the unfolding events as magical. We are walking through the demolition of our old world, while walking into our new. Within the world of ego, nothing is as it seems.


When we look at the numeric value of this month and year (12+2020), we get the number 7. Seven is known to be spiritual in nature, but it also represents Netzach in ancient Cabala, or the Tree of Life. Netzach is located on the body triangle of the Tree and represents victory over the ego. This victory is a result of coming into our spiritual awareness and understanding that we are living in a dualistic world where both ego and spirit exist. From this awareness, we take back our power and consciously control our own destiny.

The year 2020 has been the doorway into a new cycle that humanity agreed to enter, long ago. When humanity choose to experience duality, they left the Garden of Spiritual Knowing,...

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The Process of Consciousness

Dec 01, 2020

(2 of 4 in Consciousness Article Series)

In the last article, “What is Consciousness?” we began a discussion. The article was also an invitation that will continue to invite your voice and experiences. This month, I’d like to begin sharing the process most people experience during the awakening of their consciousness. Also, what happens when our consciousness begins to stir and awaken us, and why does this happen?

The Plan

First of all, before we enter this physical reality, we have a Plan in place. In this Plan are objectives we would like to achieve. Everyone’s Plan includes moments when things within our outer or physical world begin to trigger remembrances that are deep within our consciousness. These external triggers awaken and allow our internal source of consciousness to surface.

The ways these triggers may happen include:

  • An event within a movie, television show, or book.
  • An unusual phrase that seems familiar.
  • A situation with those close to you...
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What is Consciousness?

Nov 24, 2020

As you know, consciousness is the state of being awake or aware. However, in this article, I would like to explore the nature of our changing consciousness. This subject is a driving force within each one of us that seeks to grow, evolve and expand in ways that can be confusing and therefore frightening.  I would like to ease your worry and reassure you; something extraordinary is happening – and you are part of it.   

Conscious to unconscious to Conscious

Everyone shifts into different stages of consciousness. For instance, most people are fully conscious when they are born. They feel a deep and expanded connection with life that is beyond their physical confines, yet their mind hasn’t organized what they know. Eventually, this sense of knowing seems to fade away as they assimilate with the way things are run within their physical reality.

Their mind begins to form its neuro nets or pathways of information according to what they are absorbing from...

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Release, Shift, Drift, Connect

Sep 01, 2020

Well, 2020 certainly has had many surprises! Talk about a toxic cleansing! COVID and the Floyd Riots have helped to wake people up enough to question – what’s true, and what is just.  We are also experiencing a great deal of upheaval in our personal and professional lives as new roads and possibilities open for everyone. The summer solstice, eclipses and Mercury retrograde are really forcing everyone to finally recognize what has held them back, while offering new views of what is now possible.

As with all birthing processes, it is painful and beautiful. This is an unprecedented time in which all of humanity is being called to step up into their true power. The power I speak of is known through the embodiment of the Soul, or the reclaiming of our authentic, divine, innate and eternal truths. It is time to realize that everything we are experiencing in our lives was created by us. Through our acceptance at the various stages of our lives, we went along or helped...

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Journey’s End & Beginning

May 31, 2020

Hello Everyone,

I apologize for my absence. Like many of you, much has been unfolding, shifting and clearing this year as plans and future projections have gone awry! It’s a disconcerting time of excitement, confusion and surfacing fear.

I have been in the creation process, with many unexpected events and situations that surfaced. However, my Heart has always been with Greenleaf Healing and my desire to assist others in the reclaiming themselves and their inherent, yet dormant power is at the forefront of what I do.

This brings me to where we are today….

Deep States of Change

For those who attended our annual “Influences of the Year” class, I shared that this would be a very powerful year; one of deep transformations and amazing beginnings. However, the transformative space or energy we are experiencing is very difficult as we scrape the bottom of the barrel, so that our deeply buried blocks surface.

Many of these buried blocks are the original instances...

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A Whole New World

May 03, 2020

Hello Everyone,

Apologies for my absence, and appreciation for your patience! Just like many of you, I’ve also been experiencing changes in all aspects of my life.

The Numbers

This is a year of new cycles, tremendous manifestations and transformative change! Many of our hopes and what we have worked towards will begin to be experienced.

This year of 2020 is symbolic of correct vision (20/20). This greater vision is also indicated in the number 2. In ancient Cabala, 2 is Chochmah, which means the lifting of the Veil, to reveal your Divine Sight. This means that many things once hidden or unseen will finally be revealed. There will be recognition of the Divine purpose within what the ego would see as terrible. In addition, there will be a deep and profound release through this understanding, due to the wisdom obtained and Divine sight regained.  This release is the forgiveness and resolution required to finally clear humanities path forward, into the grand new cycles now...

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COVID-19 Spiritual Perspective

Apr 29, 2020

Hello Everyone,

I hope you and your families are well! I wanted to give you some information regarding the corona virus we are currently dealing with. Understandably, there is a great deal of fear experienced personally and collectively. Therefore, I would like to address a Spiritual perspective of what is happening and give you a special exercise to help you move through this.

First of all, we cannot look at this situation as if it is our enemy. When we wage war on anything or anyone, we only manifest more of what we are fighting against. Spirit says, we have no enemies, only teachers and situations that permit us to understand or heal something our Soul choose; to gain wisdom, heal or transform.

There are many opportunities the COVID-19 situation is providing us, which I will begin to open the door to with this post. I’ll continue expanding on these opportunities with future posts and videos. However, these opportunities can be thwarted when you focus on blame and anger...

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