January 2022 - Building a Balanced World

Jan 09, 2022

Hello 2022! We made it! It’s been rough, especially these past couple years. The Ascension waits for no one. All that is not in alignment with Divine Truth must surface to be seen and dealt with, both within ourselves and our outer world. This paves a new path where beautiful creations form a new world, in all ways. This requires a new balance between our heart and mind – this is where the vibration of this year, 2022 is assisting. The Song of Earth is also Singing as Gaia lifts Herself and all who live upon Her to rejoin Creations Divine Orchestra. But first, we begin this year by going within, as January holds us in the spiritual frequency of 7.

January Hibernation

January is assisting us with going inward, into our spiritual temple, cave, or whatever you envision your internal sanctuary to be. January (1) + this year (2+0+2+2) = 7. We are being asked to unplug from the outer world, slow down and go deep within to reconnect with what we really want and let go of the...

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