January 2022 - Building a Balanced World

Jan 09, 2022

Hello 2022! We made it! It’s been rough, especially these past couple years. The Ascension waits for no one. All that is not in alignment with Divine Truth must surface to be seen and dealt with, both within ourselves and our outer world. This paves a new path where beautiful creations form a new world, in all ways. This requires a new balance between our heart and mind – this is where the vibration of this year, 2022 is assisting. The Song of Earth is also Singing as Gaia lifts Herself and all who live upon Her to rejoin Creations Divine Orchestra. But first, we begin this year by going within, as January holds us in the spiritual frequency of 7.

January Hibernation

January is assisting us with going inward, into our spiritual temple, cave, or whatever you envision your internal sanctuary to be. January (1) + this year (2+0+2+2) = 7. We are being asked to unplug from the outer world, slow down and go deep within to reconnect with what we really want and let go of the...

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Dec 21, 2021

This month we have been experiencing a crescendo of sorts, as we wrap up the past, and finish our preparations for the new approaching cycle. This is an uncomfortable time for most, as every level metamorphosis takes place. In many ways, we are being reshaped, reanimated as our karmic cycles end, and our new future begins.

Growing Pains

This month the Universe cranks up the frequency to levels never experienced as we are being prepared to move into our next, evolved future. This means we are feeling deep releases on every level of our being. This shows up as colds and flus, which is the physical body releasing old toxins that cannot exit in the new frequency. Plus, many are feeling deep body pains, which are physical releases of old traumas that were held within your cells. Also, back pain, particularly in the shoulder blade area – this is your wings either budding or getting bigger!

The matrix (creators of the ego, fear-based world) knows what is happening and is trying...

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Leaving the Matrix

Nov 19, 2021

What is the matrix? The matrix is a construct, a web, a container, an illusion used to promote our ego-based reality. It makes up the part of duality that is the opposite of our Divine Truth. Many are realizing that in fact, their life has not been their own. There has been something else at play. When one hands over their life’s direction to those who take advantage of their position, it is only themselves to blame, for this is the object of the game. Winner takes all.  However, within each one of us, the other half of this game of duality has also been awakening.

For those who have read my book “Re-Entering Eden,” or followed my teachings, we are all in this current reality so that we may learn and grow by experiencing who we are not. However, deep within, we also have access to our Divine Truth. This is one of the ways our Soul expands and grows in wisdom, through choice, and what we do with our choices.

The Trap

The matrix is an ego-based system that...

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November 2021 - Inside Out

Nov 08, 2021

The ending months of this year brings the energy of going within, to get clarity and decide what needs to leave our life, to make room for a new adventure. The eclipse season also begins this month and can help us let go of the past and open to the new.

Eclipses give us opportunities to take quantum steps into higher states of consciousness, guided by our Higher Selves making sure we follow the road our Soul has been pointing us toward. 

With the upcoming partial full moon lunar eclipse, what we have manifested will come into question as we dance in the sign of Taurus. This will be a time to decide what isn’t working in our lives so we can begin to resolve and let it go. This opens the door to the new possibilities the total solar eclipse brings in December. Keep in mind, that the ending and beginning of cycles always go through a period of overlap. This is an opportunity to align with what we want and tie up loose ends.

Novembers eclipse with the combination of grounded...

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The Ego’s Division Game

Jun 25, 2021

With everything happening on the world stage, I feel the need to write about how the hot topics are connected with the dualistic ego’s 3D reality. The reason many teachers can reveal more, is because the time of third dimensional learning is over. It is time to share more of the structure that was put in place by various actors.


Let’s begin with a signature 3D topic calling itself critical race theory. I feel we need to understand the real reason this is front and center, by looking at the Bigger picture.

When watching something playing out in the world, it’s helpful to view it from the Soul’s perspective. So, first thing I would suggest is to bring it to its simplest form, is it ego or Soul based?  

*This also applies to all the “ism” beliefs and anything else that positions humanity against one another.

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Sweetheart!

Long, long ago, Divine Beings instructed Master Teachers to impart the simple seed forms of...

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Transitioning into a New World!

Jun 02, 2021

 Depending on how you are looking at our world events, and the shifts you feel within, you will see these changes as either scary or exciting. The changing of the old guard, so to speak is happening on every level of our lives. As above so below….. the Ascension is in full swing!

Watching the Show

A couple years ago, I asked my Spiritual Guides to allow me to witness the changes humanity would go through as we moved from our dualistic reality, into our new reality, which is based upon our Souls Truth. I knew we were already There on the Spiritual level, as I could feel and continue to feel the increase of the 5th dimensional frequencies saturate our reality. However, we were not experiencing these frequencies shift our 3rd dimensional physical reality in a big way.  

With the way things were going, I thought we would just Wake Up in our new reality, without memory of the transition. So with my request, I expected to have a review after the fact, like watching a...

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