Release, Shift, Drift, Connect

Sep 01, 2020

Well, 2020 certainly has had many surprises! Talk about a toxic cleansing! COVID and the Floyd Riots have helped to wake people up enough to question – what’s true, and what is just.  We are also experiencing a great deal of upheaval in our personal and professional lives as new roads and possibilities open for everyone. The summer solstice, eclipses and Mercury retrograde are really forcing everyone to finally recognize what has held them back, while offering new views of what is now possible.

As with all birthing processes, it is painful and beautiful. This is an unprecedented time in which all of humanity is being called to step up into their true power. The power I speak of is known through the embodiment of the Soul, or the reclaiming of our authentic, divine, innate and eternal truths. It is time to realize that everything we are experiencing in our lives was created by us. Through our acceptance at the various stages of our lives, we went along or helped...

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