A Whole New World

May 04, 2020

Hello Everyone,

Apologies for my absence, and appreciation for your patience! Just like many of you, I’ve also been experiencing changes in all aspects of my life.

The Numbers

This is a year of new cycles, tremendous manifestations and transformative change! Many of our hopes and what we have worked towards will begin to be experienced.

This year of 2020 is symbolic of correct vision (20/20). This greater vision is also indicated in the number 2. In ancient Cabala, 2 is Chochmah, which means the lifting of the Veil, to reveal your Divine Sight. This means that many things once hidden or unseen will finally be revealed. There will be recognition of the Divine purpose within what the ego would see as terrible. In addition, there will be a deep and profound release through this understanding, due to the wisdom obtained and Divine sight regained.  This release is the forgiveness and resolution required to finally clear humanities path forward, into the grand new cycles now...

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