Dec 21, 2021

This month we have been experiencing a crescendo of sorts, as we wrap up the past, and finish our preparations for the new approaching cycle. This is an uncomfortable time for most, as every level metamorphosis takes place. In many ways, we are being reshaped, reanimated as our karmic cycles end, and our new future begins.

Growing Pains

This month the Universe cranks up the frequency to levels never experienced as we are being prepared to move into our next, evolved future. This means we are feeling deep releases on every level of our being. This shows up as colds and flus, which is the physical body releasing old toxins that cannot exit in the new frequency. Plus, many are feeling deep body pains, which are physical releases of old traumas that were held within your cells. Also, back pain, particularly in the shoulder blade area – this is your wings either budding or getting bigger!

The matrix (creators of the ego, fear-based world) knows what is happening and is trying...

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