This page is for those who have been asking how they can make a donation towards the goals and mission of Greenleaf Healing. 

Carolyn's Soul mission is to help humanity reawaken to the the Divinity within themselves. There is a Divine power and presence within each person that has been forgotten. Carolyn's programs, classes, and writings for Greenleaf Healing  is helping  reconnect humanity with their Soul's Divine destiny, through healing and uniting what was once broken.

There are many plans for Greenleaf Healing, including a sanctuary, where all are welcome to learn evolved ways of living, growing community, and healing the mind, body and Soul. 

Carolyn's free offerings include weekly meditations, and inspirational quotes to help everyone realize the wonderous journey we are walk together, and the amazing future that is our destiny.  

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Take a journey with Carolyn Greenleaf as she helps you to rediscover and connect with your true self with her book Re-Entering Eden. A new light for your next steps. 


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