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Carolyn Greenleaf offers a variety of services to help you through your journey of self enlightenment.


The goal of these private sessions is to help individuals achieve fulfilling lives through gaining a deeper understanding and connection with their authentic selves. This helps utilize new insights, paths and better direction that will bring a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment.


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Carolyn facilities energetic healing to assist your body’s natural homeostasis system as it helps in restoring and balancing the body’s biofield. Unresolved negative energy from traumatic experiences becomes dense blockages that cause pain, suffering and illness from any level of the body’s biofield. Energetic healing affects all the levels of your biofield by clearing and transmuting the energetic blockages and issues, then restoring your true vibrational essence. 

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These special and one of a kind readings are a wonderful tool towards Self discovery! These readings help you to understand the divine nature of your Soul and how your Soul's natural tendencies must be honored to achieve aligned success in your life. 


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