Leaping Forward!

Say YES to the motivation, clarity, and confidence to LIVE your TRUE life!

If you are feeling lost, or feel as though you lack purpose, have gotten off track somehow, and don’t feel fulfilled, then I have something special that can help change everything!

If you want clarity, and speed your forward movement, then keep reading.

I’ve spoken to many who are having a difficult right now – not sure what to do or which direction to turn. This can show up as underlining stress in health, business, career, and relationships.  

Many businesses have been seeing a drop off in clientele and employees. There’s a great deal of confusion about why this is happening, and what to do to change it.

Answers, Clarity, Direction, Momentum... 

Some of you have heard about the “shift” that’s been occurring for many years. This “shift” is accelerating every day, and is caused by an emerging consciousness that is seeking…. truth and authenticity.

Most individuals and businesses have gotten off course with their authenticity, which I also refer to as Soul-Alignment. There’s been a tremendous disconnect from the internal source of connection, answers, and guidance that is designed to lead all of us into an evolved state of being. This state of being comes from the Soul, which has a unique purpose, and if we are not honoring our Soul-Centered Purpose, we feel...lost, unhappy, unfulfilled, and unmotivated.

Especially now, with the changing of the year, many are experiencing added pressure to change. However, if you don’t know what needs to change, how can you even begin?

Have you been struggling for decades with the same resistance, lack of direction and fulfillment? Don't let another year pass you by...

I want to provide you with something that can give you answers and help you move forward quicker.

I've created a special package for you that can help clear your confusion, answer your questions, and move forward. It’s called “Leaping Forward!”


Leaping Forward is a tremendous opportunity for quick results!


It’s one-on-one time with yours truly, where I will Identify your Soul-Centered Purpose and the best actions you can take to achieve it. This will:

  • Trigger deep awakenings and realizations within you.
  • Give you clarity, relief, direction.
  • Momentum to move forward quicker.  

We will also discuss your major goals, and how they fit into your purpose, or how you can reframe them to experience more success and fulfillment.

I will also reveal your personal year within your current life cycle. This will help you become more conscious of the action you are urged to take and the opportunities that will likely open towards your ultimate goals this year.

Afterwards, I will take the information and do something I’ve never done before. I will create a personalized and downloadable (for you only) guided meditation which includes theta sounds and music that will impress upon your mind and heart your conscious choices, collected from your sessions.

When using your personalized meditation at least once a day, your mind will begin to manifest your choices much quicker!

"As you think, so shall you become" – Bruce Lee.

As you embody the theta vibrations, you will find yourself in a deeper, more conscious state where manifestation accelerates!  

Plus, as an additional bonus, I will give a 60-minute follow-up session to check on your progress and answer any questions.

"OMG, Carolyn nailed it! It was like something deep down finally woke up. Now, I have more drive and feel expanded!   I now have more opportunities and doors opening for me! My life feels...easier." - Lisa M from Sioux City, Iowa 

Your private sessions will take place virtually on zoom. You will receive your recorded video sessions so you can replay them as often as you’d like. We will spend approximately 3 hours discussing the information, which can take place in one day, or split into two days.

I am offering this bundle to just 7 individuals for only $899.

So, if you are ready for a jumpstart and move towards the happiness, fulfillment, and abundance you seek, get Leaping Forward now.

I highly doubt this offer will be repeated, so don’t delay. When the 7 openings are gone, they are gone.

If you are unhappy, stuck, and frustrated with the direction of your life, chances are you are not aligned with your Soul's Purpose. Isn't it time to align to your true purpose so you can experience the life your heart dreams and your Soul yearns of having?

Leap Forward! I want Results Now!


What You'll Get:

  • 3 Hours* of private virtual session time.

  • *Either one 3 hour session, or two 1.5 hour sessions.

  • Sessions are to help you understand and connect to the specifics of your:

    • Soul’s Purpose and steps to achieve alignment.
    • Then dovetail your current goals into your Souls Purpose and destiny.
    • Your numeric personal year – how to harness it, to elevate you towards your goals.
    • Downloadable Recordings
    • Valued at $1,600

    A Personalized Meditation which includes:

    • Affirmations of your desired goals – Now.
    • Positive direction to achieve your discussed goals and destiny.
    • Theta background sounds and music to deepen the effects on your mind.
    • Downloadable MP3
    • Valued at $500

Valued at $2,100

  • Bonus:

    • 60-minute follow-up session! 
    • Valued at $500



Only $899 for the first 7 people who get this bundle!

Leap Forward Now!

 Aligning with your Soul-Centered Purpose let's you experience:

  • more meaning in your life, career, or business.
  • Better health, and happiness.
  • Improved, deeper relationships.
  • More financial abundance!
  • Much More!


Carolyn has been helping individuals gain fulfillment, answers, happiness, and direction  for more than 17 years.

I know this is a confusing time for many, so I want to help you get clarity, get motivated, and move towards your destiny and dreams.

The pain of confusion and stress can be enormous – I’ve been there. It’s time to make a shift and repair what has been broken.

You didn’t come here to play small or to be a failure. You are here to embrace the abundance of joy, love, happiness, success, and material comforts that is your birthright!  

If this speaks to you, don’t delay, act now and get started today!

Abundant Blessings, Carolyn Greenleaf


Leap Forward Now!