S O U L   R E A D I N G

Formerly known as Name Reading

Carolyn was born with the ability to feel, see, communicate and know our Creators unconditional love for each of us. With her strong connection, combined with her intuitive gift she is able to depict the truth behind each name, its origin and purpose within our mass universe. Carolyn dives into your energy to bring you guidance through her customized Name Readings.

Upon your entry into this world, your Soul gave you a name that would connect you to your Soul’s origin, purpose and power. Carolyn can help you unlock and connect to the energy and information hidden within your name.

This reading can help trigger your inner knowing and open the doors to reconnect with your Soul’s deeper wisdom’s. The information within this reading can also help you understand yourself a little better as it reveals why you do the things you naturally do and what propels you.

This reading covers: the essence of your Soul – who you really are, your hidden talents, abilities, strengths, the family lineage you are meant to heal, reclaim and restore, plus much more.

One of things everyone is here to do is rediscover who they really are. This Soul Reading helps individuals connect and expand upon what is being revealed about their Soul’s true identity and authentic nature, opening the door to the Soul’s origins.

Find out:

  • The in-depth nature of your Soul & Purpose
  • Your hidden power and wisdom
  • What you are meant to do, heal and much, much more!
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Caroline Oceana Ryan

"My Soul Reading session with Carolyn was engrossing and enlightening, and full of beautiful, life-affirming symbolism and numerology that just astounded me. I believe we choose our names very intentionally before birth. What a lovely, affirming experience to see how I resonate with my soul each day that I use this name in this life, often in unexpected yet beautiful ways. I highly recommend doing this reading with Carolyn, if you are looking to understand and appreciate the beauty of your life path on a whole new level!"

J. Gilbert

"Carolyn was very professional and friendly. I felt right at home, well I was at home as we were on Zoom...but I felt very comfortable right away. Such a fascinating experience to have my name read and so spot on. I never knew that my name held so much accurate energy regarding my soul. She was so generous with her knowledge and time. I would highly recommend a full name reading."



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Soul Readings – Why Are They Helpful?

We have been living within a world of opposites for a very long time. Society has been taught to look for the answers and direction outside of themselves. This causes confusion and undesirable outcomes. Instead, we need to get the true information and guidance that is perfect for us, from within. Our instincts, intuition and connection to God, our Soul, and the Universe has always been from within.

When you do not connect to your Soul for the answers you seek, you are disconnected from the divine wealth of knowledge and wisdom that is yours. To find true fulfillment and direction, you must reconnect to who you are.

Soul Readings are a tool to help you tap into your Soul memory by triggering profound truths about who you are, and who you have the capacity to be. Also, the reasons for your journey may also be revealed, and much more. I provide these readings in a way that helps you continue this reconnection and expand on it yourself.

Once you do reconnect, there is no going back! You will have opened a door into self-discovery that will amaze you! -Carolyn M. Greenleaf

Take a journey with Carolyn Greenleaf as she helps you to rediscover and connect with your true self with her book Re-Entering Eden. A new light for your next steps. 


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