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Re-Entering Eden Book (Soft Cover)

Re-Entering Eden; Reclaiming our Wholeness and Divine Truth 

By Carolyn M Greenleaf

A reunion with ones true self requires the embodiment of the Soul where conscious wisdom empowers the self and influences choice once again. This book begins in the paradise where humanities roots formed to reveal unknown secrets that led to their fall from grace, and clues that guide them back to their original truths, opening the gate to reclaim their innocence and divine power.

This book accomplishes two things; it is a tool for self-discovery and healing, in addition to providing spiritual seekers with new information regarding Lilith’s relationship with Adam and humanity. Revealed knowledge is included which demonstrates how the separation of Lilith and Adam established the experience of duality, and the energetic pattern within the word Eden that foretells the path humanity would take to reclaim their truth and freedom.

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