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Energetic Healing Session - 30 Minutes

Each energy session is 1-hour long and can be done in person or via a Zoom call.  The sessions may also include Life Coaching (counseling) and teaching, which could extend the session.

The time in which it takes to heal or change ones circumstances depends upon each person, situation, illness or disease.

The frequency of sessions is scheduled according to the severity of the situation or the speed at which the client chooses.

Exercises will be given during and/or after each session to help you continue to enhance your process.

Carolyn also assists in the healing of animal companions.  She has discovered that the animals in our lives try to make life a bit easier by absorbing some of the negative energetic vibrations emanating from their owners.  When working with an animal, the owners are also urged to partake in their own healing process so that they may alleviate the extra work their pets do for them.  Many animals serve as part of our support system in many ways for us.  For example, the happiness and release of stress you may experience when your pet greets you on your return home with excitement and love.  Or the way your pet so wisely diverts your attention with a silly antic when you’ve been feeling sad.