Are you tired of the status quo? Or are you experiencing confusion and frustration with the results, or direction of your life?

You may be asking:

“Why haven’t my dreams come true?” 

“Why isn’t my life moving forward the way it should?”

"What happened to the life I planned?"

You’re not alone.

Most people are not living up to their full potential, because they don't understand or align with their authentic Soul's Purpose. This is a painful way to live. Even though “you don’t know what you don’t know,” there’s a part of you that knows you could be more.

Let’s face it, you were likely redirected away from your authentic Soul’s truth, power, and expanded abilities long ago.

You were told to follow a well-traveled path. But this path belongs to others. Others who believe their way is the right way or enforce guidelines for the well-being of others – or so they believe.

But, deep down you know there’s more for you, much more…

If you’re tired of trying so hard, and not getting the fulfillment and satisfaction that you thought you should have by now, it’s time for some answers.

I’ve had many frustrated people come to me looking for clarity, and solutions. So, I’ve developed something special, I call the Soul Profile.

This profile gives you:

  • Clear insights and answers about who you are meant to be.
  • The purpose of your journey.
  • How best to achieve your goals.
  • Increased connection with your Soul.
  • Validation and peace of mind.
  • Answers to your questions.

This profile taps into the true nature of your Soul. Your Soul is wonderfully unique, with specific wisdom, talents, and knowledge that you can access.  

This session is 90 minutes, and we will cover a great deal of information, plus we will discuss how best to utilize the information you will receive.

Carolyn uses a variety of tools, including the scientifically based Human Design and Gene Codes.

I Want My Soul Profile!

Deep down, do you know you are…

More than you’ve been told or you thought?


You can’t figure it out? There’s something else – it’s elusive….

So many people ask me, how do I know my Soul? How do I connect to my Soul? How do I understand this powerful part of myself? Is this you too?  

If you’re ready to move forward in a powerful way and fully understand and align with your Soul Centered Purpose, and tired of guessing and moving forward the hard way, this is perfect for you.  

This Soul Profile is an amazing solution, that will help you:

  • know who you really are, your Soul’s identity, purpose,
  • the path you are designed to take,
  • where you are on your life’s journey,

Here’s some of what you will experience:  

  • Know and connect with your Soul’s identity, and purpose.
  • Know your real Genius and what’s getting in the way of living your Genius.
  • Connect with your divine truth at a deeper level than you ever have before.  

For the remainder of this month, I’m giving this 90-minute profile session, valued at $1200 for only $397. I hesitate to give you this at such a low rate, because there’s a lot of work to prepare these sessions.  But I want to help you wake up more fully to the truer version of who you are.

Here's what you get:

  • A compilation of results using a combination of science based Human Design, Gene Codes, also numerology, ancient Cabala, and Soul-to-Soul intuitive insights.
  • 90 Minutes of discussion about the findings, your questions answered.
  • You will receive the recording of your session.

Valued at $1200

for only $397



We are so confident in this Soul Profile, because it's already helped numerous clients.
If you do not receive tremendous value from your session, we will give you your money back!  


This offer ends 5/31/23.  

I Want My Soul Profile!

Lisa M. - Sioux City, IA 

"OMG, Carolyn nailed it! It was like something deep down finally woke up. Now, I have more drive and feel expanded!   I now have more opportunities and doors opening for me! My life feels...easier." 


Jason B. - Tallahassee, FL

"Wow, I was really impressed by the amount of information and clarity I received. When I applied what I learned, my relationships started to change, because I was comfortable showing up more authentically." 

Terry H. - Somerville, MS 

"I really enjoyed my Soul Profile! I really felt seen and  understood. It also helped me realize I have so much more to give and do. I'm also attracting more clients because this session helped me show up more fully."