Healing Is Powerful With The Right Tool 

Seeking a service or a product to help you through your journey of self enlightenment, here is what Carolyn Greenleaf's recommends. 

Auragen™ Light & Sound System

Advanced Photobiomodulation with Brainwave Entrainment - FDA Approved Wellness Device

Enjoy Unparalleled Relaxation, Reboot and repair your brain, Experience profound rest and relaxation.

These full spectrum Blue, Red and InfraRed Light wavelengths stimulate tissue, cellular repair and regeneration, improve circulation, oxygen and nutrient delivery, reset circadian rhythms, increase ATP (energy) production, enhance longevity factors, and more.

Brainwave Entrancement® creates a deeply relaxed state. This natural process gently relaxes brainwaves from an alert or stressed state in Beta (15-40 Hz) to deeply relaxed and restorative Theta (5Hz). 5Hz Theta is the “miracle zone”.

Optimize Brain Function - Gamma Light and Sound promotes regeneration and enhances brain energy. 

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