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Carolyn Greenleaf offers a variety of services to help you through your journey of self enlightenment.



The goal of these private sessions is to help individuals, business owners, CEO's and leaders reconnect to their true Soul-Centered Purpose.  This leads clients to achieve fulfilling lives through gaining a deeper understanding and connection with their authentic selves.

This helps utilize new insights, paths and better direction that will bring a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment, and joy to their relationships, as well as abundance in their business. Also addressed are ways to resolve negative issues that block desired outcomes and ways in which we can recreate our lives.

Carolyn’s methods help you move forward in your daily life, discover your purpose, reach your goals, obtain your dreams, and reach a state of peace, joy and wholeness.

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You will experience the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, NLP and somatic coaching, plus energy work.

This is a one-of-a-kind experience where you will release the trauma, negative thoughts and emotions, limiting beliefs, and inner conflict that has held you back for years!

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This very special profile taps into the true nature of your Soul. Carolyn utilizes her one of a kind Name Reading, in addition to Human Design, Gene Codes, Astrology, Numerology. This is a very intuitive reading that will help you understand your truer nature, who you are meant to be, the purpose of your life’s journey, increased connection with your Soul, information about how to best to achieve your goals, answer all you questions.

This session is 90 minutes, and we will cover a great deal of information, plus we will discuss how best to utilize the information you will receive.

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This reading covers: the essence of your Soul – who you really are, your hidden talents, abilities, strengths, the family lineage you are meant to heal, reclaim and restore, plus much more.

One of things everyone is here to do is rediscover who they really are. This Name Reading helps individuals connect and expand upon what is being revealed about their Soul’s true identity and authentic nature, opening the door to the Soul’s origins.

Find out:

  • The in-depth nature of your Soul & Purpose
  • Your hidden power and wisdom
  • What you are meant to do, heal and much, much more!
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