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If you're looking for answers, and confused about what's really going on in the world today, and what you can do NOW to change your life, Re-Entering Eden can help you understand, and take back control. 

What? I Thought I was in Control?

Well yes, and no.....

Yes, you do have the ability to experience all that you've ever desired. No, if you don't have the life you've dreamt now, you may not have as much control as you may think. 

Good news...contrary to what you hear on main stream, this is the most powerful time to finally change not only your life, but your family's, and have a positive impact on your community and of course, your business or career!

It all starts with you! If you want to experience real change, you must reclaim the power that has always been within you. You are the one who has the keys to your freedom!

The Re-Entering EDEN collection, which includes the book, courses, and companion audio were divinely inspired to help you change your life and discover your amazing truth! 

This collection was not planned. It wasn't even a thought! It was God's guidance to help me heal my life, reclaim my REAL Truth, inner Genius and power. 

The instructions were that I would offer this information and the techniques to YOU.  

If you are reading this, then you too are a designated CHANGE MAKER!


The Companion Audio is not an audio of the entire book. It is a supportive tool to enhance your healing journey, which the book takes you through.

PLUS, there are additional exercises that were given to me while creating this audio to enhance your healing journey!


Re-Entering Eden - Companion Audio 

Guided Meditations, Exercises & Journeys

    1. Meeting your Inner Child Introduction 0:44

     2. Meeting your Inner Child Journey   9:18

     3. Treasure Hunt Exercise 6:19

     4. Treasure Chest of Promise Introduction New! 0:33

     5. Treasure Chest of Promise Journey New! 8:16

     6. Merging & Exploring with Inner Child Introduction New! 0:38

     7. Merging & Exploring with Inner Child Journey New! 9:18

     8. Forgiveness Exercise 6:00

     9. Course Correction - Exercise 3:51

  10. Dance of the Masculine & Feminine Introduction New! 0:46

    11. Dance of the Masculine & Feminine Journey New! 12:36

    12. Surrender Meditation 10:08

    13. Surrender  Ocean Sounds 21:23

    14. Love Heals Exercise 4:20

    15. Just Be Introduction New! 0:22

    16. Just Be Meditation New! 6:27

    17. Sacred Heart Journey New! 14:01

    18. The Wholeness of You Journey New! 12:55

The Companion Audio is meant to be used while reading the book Re-Entering Eden. 

  • If you feel as though you are not living YOUR LIFE, you are probably right.
  • If you are experiencing perpetual confusion, frustration and pain, there is a reason for that, and it's probably not what you think
  • If you are not experiencing the deep connection, and unconditional love and acceptance you wish for, the answer is closer than you think.

To find your answers, continue reading...



A reunion with ones true self requires the embodiment of the Soul where conscious wisdom empowers the self and influences choice once again. This book begins in the paradise where humanities roots formed to reveal unknown secrets that led to their fall from grace, and clues that guide them back to their original truths, opening the gate to reclaim their innocence and divine power.

  • This book helps you heal yourself from the inside out! 
  • Discover how to access your true power!
  • Heal your relationship with your inner child!
  • Embody deep peace and fulfillment!
  • Experience the God/Goddess within you!

This book accomplishes two things;

  1. it is a tool for self-discovery and healing,
  2. in addition to providing spiritual seekers with new information regarding Lilith’s relationship with Adam and humanity.

Revealed knowledge is included which demonstrates how the separation of Lilith and Adam established the experience of duality, and the energetic pattern within the word Eden that foretells the path humanity would take to reclaim their truth and freedom.

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EDEN Companion Audio

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