Breakthrough it, Flip it and Leap!

Are you asking yourself this question – “when will I finally get what I’ve always wanted?”

You’re not alone in asking this question. Let’s take a look at what’s really going on and change it by taking advantage of what you don’t want.

These past few years, we’ve been experiencing or witnessing greater degrees of negativity that seems to continually surface. Oftentimes, it makes our dreams seem further away, but the opposite is true.

All this turmoil is actually very good news. Let me explain…

The reason this negativity is surfacing, both collectively and individually, is because we are at the end of a very long cycle and ready to move into new realties. These new realities are the ones we’ve been dreaming of and yearning for. However, we must let go of the old to experience the new.


These new realities, also known as parallel realities, or timelines have been created by our Soul and our desires. All realities exist now, so you can “leap” into a desired reality by matching your frequency to the one you chose. This is where the term quantum leaping comes from.

Science is now seeing that we do in fact have parallel realities and are exploring this phenomenon. We should be seeing more facts coming out soon.

Each of these realities holds specific frequencies. You must rise your internal frequency, or state of being to the one you desire to experience that reality. The way to raise your frequency is by letting go of the beliefs that hold you back.

Whatever is triggering you, whether it’s politics, war, or any of the other chaos that’s popping up, you have something to clean up within yourself. Your inner conflicts are vying for your attention, not to hold you back, but to free you.

You must stop running from and stop suppressing your wounds and misaligned beliefs so that you can breakthrough by resolving them, and finally move forward.

Your fears are saying “please, heal your unconscious negative beliefs about yourself, so you can experience the joy you say you want!”  

Another issue is that each one of you must release your resistance towards your better realities. Why do you have resistance? Good question. For many, it’s because they don’t feel worthy, or fear the unknown of what’s on the other side.

Your Soul knows what’s on the other side, not your physical mind. This is why you must align with the knowing of your Soul, or Higher Mind, not your physical mind in matters of how and what is on the other side.

Flip it

Everything has an opposite and equal reaction.

If you are experiencing a negative situation, do not give up or give in. Contrary to what you may believe, you are only steps away from experiencing the opposite.

Everything is on a continuum of negative and positive sides, or effects. All things and experiences have an opposite.

The degree of experience on one end of the spectrum has the same degree on the opposite.

The degree of lack you experience has the same degree of abundance waiting on the other side. Don’t give up!

How do you get to the other side? You need to breakthrough the negative feelings and emotions, then change your beliefs that have been creating your experience. When you do this without judgment and understand that you are experiencing this to learn something very valuable from it, you are taking back your power.

Let Go & Leap!

Next, you must let it go. The best way to do this is through gratitude. Gratitude for everything you have learned and realized. Gratitude for what you now understand about yourself, and the growth and value your experience provided.

The moment you chose to fully let go of your ego’s ties to the negative experience, and move forward, you will experience yourself expand. This internal expansion, fed with gratitude, raises your frequency, and catapults you to the opposite side of the continuum, to experience the positive side of your negative experience.

This positive experience also happens to hold a higher frequency that will match a desired reality along your timeline.

For instance, if you are experiencing lack, abundance is waiting for you on the other side of the continuum.

If you made the flip with gratitude, grown from it, and have released all negative judgements about the negative side, embrace the positive side, you will expand your experience in huge ways.  

Furthermore, when you have anchored in the positive side, while also honoring your experience from the negative side, you will find yourself in the point of neutrality, within the center of the continuum. This is the bigger goal! When you can hold, honor the value of both sides without judgement, you are in the most powerful position where you can experience more than you can imagine.

Evolving through your Opposites

If you are experiencing loneliness, love and unity wait for you on the other side.

Whatever your Soul chose for you to experience to help you grow, you will be provided with the opposites. It is the journey to the other side where your growth is achieved - so don’t stop your forward movement!

To know unconditional love and acceptance, you will experience the opposite.  The key is: you must love yourself and accept yourself unconditionally before you are able to receive it.

Remember, it is the journey from one side of the continuum to the other that provides the growth and expansion your Soul is looking for.

The gift is the realization and experience of unconditional love and acceptance externally, from others. However, the journey teaches you that it is through your state of unconditional love and acceptance of yourself from within that the external experience is possible.

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