Chiron the Wounded Warrior & Your Inner Child 

Are you feeling triggered more than usual? Experiencing deep resistance surfacing within you? Are you frustrated because no matter what you do, you just can’t move forward in the way you know you could and should? 

Well, there’s a reason for that. It may not look like it now, but you are being given a tremendous opportunity to finally step into the life you dreamt of, but first, you must resolve your roadblocks. This is why you’re being triggered, feeling frustrated, disappointed, and scared, because you can’t heal something until you know it exists.  

What has been surfacing for you is on the unconscious level. This is why you can’t seem to get hold of what’s blocking you. However, something is happening to help you resolve it and finally move forward.  

First, I’d like to explain something that may help you understand the bigger picture and why your healing is so important.  

The Music is Everywhere! 

Many years ago, Spirit told me that the Universe is a Divine Orchestra, and each one of us is part of this Orchestra. When we are in tune with the Song of our Soul, we feel and experience the abundance, flow, and support of Creation, the Universe, the Orchestra. We are unstoppable in our capacity to create our desires and dreams.  

Within my book Re-Entering Eden, I explain that Spirit told me about the Divine nature of who we are, and that we are destined to embody this state of being. The time in which we do this is up to us.  

I also share information to help you actualize your Divine nature or Song in your life, so you can prosper in every way conceivable.  

The universe is like sheet music that drives everything within Creation and your life because you are part of that Music.  

Well, one day, Spirit also told me that the planets are like the notes you see on sheet music. So as the planets move in the sky, different octaves are expressed. When these planets are in certain positions, they will trigger points, or octaves in your Souls Song to express your music. But if you are not in alignment with our Soul it will cause pain in some form.

When your Soul’s Song is triggered, it means it’s your turn to share your brilliance, and stand in your superpower. However, when you lack confidence, or have learned to fear your own power, your moment to shine on stage becomes a terrifying situation that you run away from because of your unconscious pain.   

Plucking your Strings 

For instance, we currently have the asteroid Chiron pulling the strings of your unconscious wounds. Even though Chiron is not a planet, this asteroid affects the Music, because it represents your deepest unconscious wounds. Chiron is known as the wounded healer and its position in our sky is banging on the keyboard, bringing our unresolved wounds to the surface. The purpose of this is so you can feel and experience your wounds acutely, to call your attention to them. Jupiter is also traveling along side of Chiron, which amplifies the triggers, while opening the door to your healing and a new beginning.

This new beginning takes place when you take full responsibility for what you need to do to come to peace with your deep wounds.  

You see, Chiron represents your deepest, earliest wounds and oftentimes these wounds came through your DNA - your family's lineage.  

You’ll start to experience these wounds early in your childhood. This is why they’re hard to figure out as an adult. When you were a child, you didn’t have the capacity to heal your traumas, let alone find the words to express how deeply you were hurt. So, these wounds are suppressed to cope and move on.  

They're so unconscious that oftentimes you have no idea that they exist. So, they run in the background of your life, affecting your ability to move forward and be the fullest expression of your Soul’s Song.  

For instance, the dreams and the goals your Soul put in your heart may not be coming into fruition as you hoped. You keep falling short. You sabotage your forward movement, because your subconscious is scared, confused, and holding you back, since you have to address the early trauma that is blocking your way forward.

Your wounded self is also afraid of change. So, when your internal tantrum is out of control, you can bet that on the other side, is a big change, one that your wounded self has no concept of, and fears because it is not known.   

Wounds that are this deep cannot be fully healed, but they can become your strength and grow your wisdom if you accept them and learn from them. In Greek mythology, Chiron is also known as a wise teacher.

When you stop resisting, then accept, and embrace your wounds, they no longer haunt you. Instead, they strengthen and guide you, while enhancing your journey in beautiful ways.  

My Terrified Inner Child 

I want to share my experience to give you an example of how this can play out in your life.  

Chiron is triggering me in a big way! I’ve been feeling it build for several months because I've been positioning myself to move forward by becoming more visible. You see, I used to be bullied at school and it made me hide behind everything I could to get away from the cruel words I experienced from other kids.

So, becoming more visible terrifies my inner child. I've been moving into deep levels of healing with this, and the reaction from my inner child tells me I’m on the right track. I’m getting closer to my dreams, because I'm leaving my safe place.

By holding my inner childs hand while consciously and consistently shifting out of my “safe” zone and moving into unknown territory, I've been able to turn my fear into excitement!  

Your Answer 

The core part of my book Re-Entering Eden is about your inner child. This book explains how healing your inner child simultaneously heals many other aspects of yourself. It is the fastest way to heal and come back into wholeness.  

This book not only guides you, but provides exercises, meditations, and journeys to help you with your healing process.

One of the most important things you can do is to heal the core of who you are, your inner child. This opens the door to your wholeness of being and the mastery you are here to achieve. 

Help is Here!

Suddenly, I feel like Mrs. Doubtfire! “Help is on the way deary!”

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A Little Tough Love

You are an incredibly powerful creator. It's time to stop wallowing in the past. It's time to let go, it’s time to heal.

There are people waiting for you to share your talents and gifts. They need you.  

It’s time to rediscover your full brilliance by healing your Inner Child. The importance of your inner child cannot be emphasized enough. It is a critical part of who you are and key to the amazing life waiting for you.

Take advantage of the opportunity Chiron is giving you – don’t run away, but walk towards your fears, because you will find your wounds. Then, embrace them and understand the true wisdom they hold. This will position you to step into the doorways that you couldn’t get through before.

Abundant Blessings,