Do You Feel Like a Dandelion?

I just read this fascinating article about dandelions that got me to realize how most of us have been led to believe that we like dandelions. Bare with me…

In our not-so-distant past, the dandelion was revered for its highly effective medicinal properties. Every part of the flower has beneficial qualities. It’s been used for a variety of health conditions, as well as a healthy food loaded with vitamin A.

I also learned that until the 1800’s people used to pull sections of their grass to make room for dandelions! Now, we’ll spend tons of money to get rid of them!

Pull Those Weeds!

My point is, we often feel discarded and not seen for the amazing people we really are. Just like the dandelion, the people around us don’t realize our amazing qualities, because they can’t see their own.  What one person disregards within themselves, they will also disregard within others. When we feel the rejection, we then reject our innate gifts, talents and magic we bring to the world.

There’s Magic in Those Dandelions!

I think all children see dandelions as beautiful and delightful flowers! They even entertain children with all the interesting things they can make with them…..remember those dandelion necklaces!

When I was young, I used to love dandelions, and wondered why people wanted to get rid of them. Couldn’t they see the magic I saw? Well, the same thing that happens to each one of us. We begin to feel like an invasive weed that gets in the way, makes mistakes that angers people, or are taught to suppress the bright glow in our hearts.

Now I’m not saying, “stop killing the dandelions,” but I am suggesting that you see them as a mirror for yourself. Perhaps ask “what are my special qualities, and brilliance I bring to the world?” “Where do I feel unwanted, misunderstood, or dismissed?”

I believe that now more than ever before, we need to look in the mirror, beyond what we’ve been taught to believe about ourselves and remember who we really are.


Everyone has been made to feel that they are not worthy, smart enough, or talented enough. Imposter syndrome happens because we’ve lost faith in ourselves. But what really happened is that you disowned parts of yourself that were ridiculed, or didn’t fit in.

You felt like…a weed. So, when you discarded your weeds (parts of self), you also lost your confidence, because now, you are not whole. When you disconnect from any part of yourself, you disconnect from  the knowledge, wisdom, and magic within those disregards parts of you, that are extremely valuable. In fact, everything about you is valuable!

The Dessert

For me, when I did the deep work of “finding who I really am,” which I refer to as my time in the Dessert, I had to shed my distortions about myself, and discover my real genius and love it. It was not a pretty journey, but it was the most powerful and fruitful sojourn that completely changed everything about my life. This is when I began to feel a depth of joy, connection and understanding of myself and the people and environment around me, which is always expanding as I do. It truly is magical!  

I know you are also feeling disconnected in some way, and maybe you don’t have the words to describe how you feel, but it could be along the lines of feeling lost, different, or confused. I know this, because that’s how I felt, and it’s what I hear from everyone.

I share my journey back to myself, my wholeness along with the information I was given from Spirit. I was instructed to help others find their inner genius just as I did.

This information is within my book Re-Entering Eden. This book is a healing journey  that leads you back to YOU.

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Always remember, you were born amazing, and it's time for you to realize it, and reclaim the magic that really does exist within you.

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Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf