Transitioning into a New World!

 Depending on how you are looking at our world events, and the shifts you feel within, you will see these changes as either scary or exciting. The changing of the old guard, so to speak is happening on every level of our lives. As above so below….. the Ascension is in full swing!

Watching the Show

A couple years ago, I asked my Spiritual Guides to allow me to witness the changes humanity would go through as we moved from our dualistic reality, into our new reality, which is based upon our Souls Truth. I knew we were already There on the Spiritual level, as I could feel and continue to feel the increase of the 5th dimensional frequencies saturate our reality. However, we were not experiencing these frequencies shift our 3rd dimensional physical reality in a big way.  

With the way things were going, I thought we would just Wake Up in our new reality, without memory of the transition. So with my request, I expected to have a review after the fact, like watching a movie. I had no idea that all of humanity had a front row seat in real time!

So, if we put the clues together through our Souls perspective, we can see what’s happening and how its happening. If we remain “unconscious or sleeping” while seeing the worldly events from our egos position, we think the world is ending in a very painful way.

So, the only real division we are experiencing now are those who are seeing these events through their Conscious Soul, and those who are still unconscious and ego focused. When we consciously view and sense or feel through our core, heart or Soul self, we are amazed and in awe as the unraveling and revealing is taking place. The Veil is being Pierced and it is exciting!

Out of the Darkness

For those of you who have read my book “Re-Entering Eden” or taken my classes, you are witnessing the upside-down and backwards ego world that filled our reality with Shadows now shattering.  Creation has been expanding the frequency of our True Destiny, calling us to take back our power as the Divine Truth of our Soul is stepping forward.

We have been experiencing this dualistic 3rd dimensional reality for a very long time. We have been tricked into thinking our strengths were weakness, our wisdom was nonsense, and our connection to ourselves and one another was… wrong.  We gave away our power because those who wanted to rule us also wanted to enslave us. Remember, this is upside-down and backwards of our Truth.

Now, we are being set right-side-up and forwards! If we chose to open our eyes, we will witness our journey from darkness into Light! Now is the time to find the truth in places that powerful individuals, industries, and institutions told us not to look! We must seek for the clues “off the beaten ego path.” We must listen to those who have been called crazy, conspirators, or dangerous. We must re-examine everything we thought was true and ask our Guides and Angels for clarification and verification.

Be prepared, because most of what you were told and taught to be true, will be far from it. And most of what you were told to avoid will be what you should reconsider!

I cannot tell you everything I’ve been uncovering, because this is your journey. The discoveries must be through your own efforts and willingness. It is in part, taking back your power and learning to deprogram falsehoods and reprogramming with your Souls Truth. The rewards are tremendous and continue to grow, if you chose to expand your conscious awareness of what is happening and decide to move forward into your Souls 5th dimensional reality.

Many Gifts await us, but they increase as we firmly claim our Souls Divine Truth. However, there are and will continue to be birthing pains as we forgive and release what was, so that the rebirth of our new world is known.

I will discuss much more in my new podcast called “Waking Up! Conscious Discussions about our Changing Reality.” My intention is to share my first broadcast June 21, 2021. The weekly podcast is free. I will also offer something that’s more interactive, called Conscious Reality Membership, which will have a nominal cost.   

In Closing

We are still in for a very bumpy ride as truths are revealed to the public. There will be very good lessons in responsibility, complacency and awareness on our part. It’s been a game of hide and seek and a host of other trickery that we fell for. Also, remember that we chose to grow our Souls Wisdom through this dualistic experience. We are battle worn, and tired, but we are almost free!

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf