Will the Real You Please Show Up?

Too often, we find ourselves cycling over and over again in the same…stuff. We didn’t come here to stay stuck. We came here to find a way to pull ourselves out of our stuck places. But what many don’t realize is that there is a HUGE reward when we change our limiting cycles that keep  us stuck…we find our true identity that was buried beneath the fear, anger, sadness, and shame our passed traumas created.  

Hidden Beneath

If you’re struggling in some way, personally or professionally, you deserve to stop the battles so you can fully enjoy every precious moment your life offers.

Within your continual struggles is the real you that didn’t feel safe enough to reveal the real genius of who you really are.

Your negative experiences change you, especially when you’re young. What happens is that the parts of you that were hurt (emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually) become dormant, as you then take on another persona that you think the world will accept.

This false persona is pieced together with the influences and behaviors of those who were closest to you. In addition to changes in your mind’s neurology by forming connections and patterns that associate the traumatic event with the limiting negative beliefs that resulted and subsequently support your false identity.

 These changes happen on the unconscious level, so very quickly believe it really is you, while your authentic self is unconsciously shut down. For example, you may really be inspiring, smart, creative, and naturally social. But after someone close to you berates or criticizes your amazing qualities over and over again, this part of you gets traumatized, especially when you are in a heightened emotional state.   

Your unconscious mind begins to believe you’re not safe expressing your true qualities and characteristics, so it suppresses them.

The First Realization

Here’s a personal example; I was a very sensitive child, acutely feeling the energies around me. So, if someone’s anger was directed towards me, that energy would pierce through me, creating a painful experience.

I grew up constantly being criticized, so I began to think that nothing I did was right. It shut down my expressive, creative, and sociable nature, and I became withdrawn, shy, and self-conscious.

It wasn’t until I began to heal my deep wounds that my true identity began to express itself again.

I remembered the first time I noticed my real self come back to life. I watched a funny movie in a theater with my daughter. I remember her glancing at me with a strange look (as if to say, “who are You?”) when I naturally began to fully laugh aloud!

That was when I finally felt a sense of freedom, as I was able to experience a deep joy, that surprised me, and was extremely liberating!


As I’ve been using additional healing modalities, my own transformation has created more surprising results, not only for myself, but for my clients.

I've written about, taught and used a powerful process in my business for more than 15 years. It's a coaching and deep healing process that involves the conscious, unconscious, and spiritual levels of self. This creates real and lasting resolution that frees you from the issues of the past.

I’m able to help you create positive neurology in your mind based on what you really want, and you know you can achieve with the amazing talents, qualities, and characteristics you discovered about the real You!

I’ve continued to evolve this process for even more profound and faster results! I’ve incorporating (NLP) Neurolinguistic Programming, Somatic coaching, Root Cause Therapy, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy, Breathwork, along with the Shamanic, Huna, and Reiki Energetic healing modalities, etc.

Every session is tailored to the uniqueness of my clients and their situations.

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