Rebirth - Greenleaf Happenings – February 2022

Feb 02, 2022

What can I say? OMG!!!! The energies of this month are going to gift us in a multitude of ways that will really open our hearts and the brilliant ideas that have been hiding for so long! After the last several months of deep and often difficult transformation, we will feel reborn and ready to run forward!

Oh, The Two’s

Why is 2 significant? Well, firstly, we have an abundance of them this month, as they are doubled, tripled, quadruple, quintuple, etc. When a number is multiplied, its energies are too. This month, we have the energy of 2 in many multiples that will elevate this entire month and carry us throughout the year, and beyond.

Two is about relationships. This includes our relationship with everything in our inner and outer worlds. The multiples make this a really big deal when you consider what has been happening for the last two years. Our relationships have been strained or broken with our loved ones, friends, co-workers, our careers. We’ve lost faith in our...

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